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sick kitten

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my new kitten Midori is about 12 or 13 weeks old. i got her about 3 weeks ago. when i got her, she had a cold and the person i got her from sent her home with some clovamax. well, after being on the medication until it wore out (so definitely over the 10 days it was prescribed) Midori was getting sicker and not better. she was really congested and constantly sneezing. i went to my new vet and they prescribed another drug as well as a lysine supplement. midori's doing much better (she's been on it for 10 days)... but she's still sneezing occassionally and her eyes are incredibly runny. her appetite is fine and she's constantly playing with my other kitty Martini so she definitely doesn't act sick. my question is... she has a vet appointment tomorrow for her 2nd round of vaccines. should i reschedule until she's fully better or bring her in anyways? i was planning on calling the vet in the morning, but i figured i'd ask here too.

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I would not get her shots right now.
They can make her worse.
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Most vets would not give shots if the cat/kitten is sick. Some cats can develop chronic respirtory problems. Hope your kitty is better soon. URI's are sometimes tough to get rid of.
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I would keep the appointment, but call ahead to ask if it can be changed from getting shots to having her respiratory issues checked out. They may need to rework their schedule to have a different person see the kitty. My vet is the one who gives all the shots, so it doesn't make any difference for me, but I know some offices have a tech giving the shots.
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