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new kitten, and existing cat

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my fiance and i have a roughly 1.5 year old female cat not sure of breed (midnight) , she is a great cat. we recently got a new kitten, female also. the kitten seems ok with midnight, but midnight doesnt want any thing to do with the kiten. she hisses, swats and generaly stays away from the new kitten. she is even hissing at my fiance adn i. we have noticed that her hair is not standing up when she hisses. what are some good ways to ge midnight to accept her new "sister"?


new kitten (dont have a name yet)

any help is GREATLY appreciated! thank you!
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how long have you had the new kitten? it can take months and sometimes a cat just isn't into playing. Mai Sai loves my room mate's cat, but she won't have anything to do with him. That said, I think yours will have a easier time with it and will become friends in time. The two with me have a 7 year age gap and yours are very close.

Your kitties are beautiful by the way
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Females have a tendency to be more territorial, especially to another female. The cat/kitten should be kept separate for a week or so and slowly introduced to one another.

You can try sprinkling them with cornstarch baby powder and rub it in or use a dab of vanilla extract on their chin and base of tail. Also I'd get the Feliway that helps calm them down.

Both of them should be spayed (that will help things) and it can take weeks or months before the older one will accept the younger one.

Charlie was 4 months old when he came in; Ling was a little over a year. She hated Charlie for months and still doesn't totally accept him. This is 2 yrs later. She may or may not be worse when we bring in Jack next spring.
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Hi there, this is my first post and it is kinda about the same thing! We have an 8 yr old female, Samantha and just lost our 8.5 yr male Tom to cancer, last month, ::sniff, sniff::
We stumbled on a rescue kitten, 8 weeks old, and took him in. I put the baby in the bathroom for one week with food, water, box, and toys, to help Samantha get used to his scent. That has worked pretty good.
He has been out in the house for a week now and she will hiss at him when he gets too close or startles her, but amazingly enough, it has been relatively easy, compared to the first few days at the bathroom door! THAT was terrible!

My big first question for the forum is about the babies name.... We bring these furbabies into our life for MANY years, I want him to get a great name that I won't wish was different. With Tom and Samantha, those names were done by my kids when they were smaller, (I think they are named after kids at school, who knows!!)

We are calling him "Levi" ..?.. O'm not sure if I like that, so I have been calling him "kitten face" until I can decide.. The funny thing is that he is COMMING TO KITTEN FACE!!! ahhh...

How funny, has he picked his own name??
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He may have picked out his name Our rex's nickname was supposed to be part of his registered name. But he never responded to it. My ex-husband came up with the name of "Spooky" (he was a white rex - what color is a ghost?). Instantly he responded to Spooky, and that became his nickname.

Charlie knows his name and responds. Ling knows hers and responds. I say if the cat doesn't respond to the name, try another and see. Sometimes they do pick their names.
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