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Reducing Shedding on DSH

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What kind of brush/comb should I use to help reduce the shedding on Clementine? She's a DSH and doesn't shed tons, but she does launch her fair chair of flying hairs.
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I use a "zoom groom" on can also get the rubber "curry combs" that work the same way...builds up a static charge that attracts the loose hair to it. After I use the zoom groom, I go back with a soft bristle brush and pick up any loose hair that the rubber brush missed... I end up with running my hands through their coat afterwards to pick up stray hairs. I can get handfuls of hair this way, even doing it 2-3 times a week...and that's on two very short haired kittens. I used to use a knock-off "furminator", but it didn't work as well as the zoom groom and I think it would actually "strip" some coat that wasn't loose.

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Pipsqueek has a double coat...a soft thin coat on the inside and a coarse coat on the outside. So he is prone to shedding and matting. I also use the Zoom Groom. He loves it! I groom him at least twice a week and sometimes I have enough fur to knit a new cat!
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I'm assuming spending $30+ on a Furminator isn't an option?

I've got white kitties who shed small white cats - LOVE my furminator.
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I'm saving for a Furminator, but the money isn't quite here yet. Tonight I ran to the store and bought a knock-off of the Zoom Groom (they didn't have the Zoom Groom itself). It works pretty well, so if that turns out to be all I need, I'll continue to wait to buy a furminator until I convince my dad that the other cats need to come inside too.
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I've got two DSH's who adore the Furminator - my girl will expose her tummy for her grooming sessions. I usually follow up with a soft, almost baby, brush, just because we all like it.

Keep your receipts with the Furminator - you can either return directly to the company or to Petsmart (if you buy there) for refund if you don't like it.
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I usually use just a flea comb on my shorthairs, but have used the Furminator on Ling (really got it more for our lab). Charlie only gets a flea comb once in awhile. He doesn't shed much and you cannot use a comb that takes a lot of fur out on Ocicats - ruins the coat
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Question - do you guys find that Zoom Grooms work better on short-haired cats than a slicker brush? I have the latter and am contemplating whether I should spend the money to invest in a Zoom Groom. Been hearing good things about them on cats. Thanks!

P.S. I have the Furminator and stopped using it after about three weeks. Reason being that it clearly takes off more than just the loose fur; it actually strips and cuts the actual coat. A groomer I know hates it for that reason because people tend to overuse it.
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