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Horrible news.

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My mom just called me and told me my dog is dying. I moved an 18 hour drive away from home about a year and a half ago. I lived with my family. When I left I wanted to bring my German Shepherd named Silver with me but everyone said no. My boyfriend didn’t want a dog (especially a mean, old crusty one) and my Mom, Sister and Dad advised against it since she was so old and thought the travel and change would kill her.

Apparently she can barely walk, she is losing her balance in a strange way where if she is sleeping on the couch for some reason she always falls off. She is drooling (she never drooled), losing weight, not eating, they have to carry her upstairs for bedtime, and the Vet did a blood test and said her Kidney levels were very high (not sure what levels, my Mom didn’t remember). The vet basically said to consider everyday a gift with her because she probably wont be around for very much longer.

This dog was my best friend for half of my life. I feel so guilty for not bringing her with me. To have an animal is such a blessing… its just so hard to let go. Please if she could get some famous vibes that if she does die it’ll be quick and in her sleep (I seen too many loved animals go to horrible sicknesses like cancer) and that I will be able to see her in November when I go home before she dies.

Thanks all
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I am really sorry. when that happened to me my mom told me after he died. I hope you are able to say goodbye...
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I am so sorry you are going to lose your friend. Sending prayers you will get to see him one last time.
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for no pain & that you will get that last goodbye. Please keep us updated.
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So sorry that this came at such a busy time in your life...Hugs and more Hugs!!!
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Hun don't feel guilty. Even if she had moved with you it wouldn't have stopped her getting older and developing kidney problems. And the move to an unfamiliar place probably would have been rough on her. Dogs dont understand the future, they only know the here and now. The hardest thing we have to do as their owners is be able to let them go when they are no longer able to enjoy life.

You can never replace the dog that is still in your heart, but you can sometimes make your heart a little bigger so a new dog will have room.
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I'm so sorry......sending out good vibes that she will pass peacefully and I hope you have the chance to say goodbye.

I can only imagine how difficult this is for you........sending hugs your way. Please dont feel guilty! It certainly is not your fault! And I think the decision to leave her with your family was for the better. The move certainly would have taken a toll on her and may in fact have sprouted this or another illness earlier on.
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I'm so sorry you're losing your friend. Reading this actually made me cry, because my dog had to be PTS due to kidney failure in 2002. She also had cancer.

I hope that when she does pass, that it is peaceful for her, and I really hope that you're able to get to say goodbye. She will always live in your heart, though, and even when you just feel like crying, think of all the happy times that you had with her - because memories last forever. I'll keep you both in my thoughts.
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I am sorry...losing a best friend is never easy.

She has a easy passing......

Your in my thoughts.
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I hope you get to say your last goodbye, and that she'll not be in much pain
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I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you can see your dog when you go back to visit in November.

How old is she?

The imbalance/falling off and drooling isn't consistent with kidney failure. Maybe there is also something else going on? (i.e. neurological problems)
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I'm so sorry, and I know how hard it is when a pet grows old and the quality of life is no longer what it once was I hope you will get to say goodbye, and perhaps even take her to the vet so she can be gently and quickly helped to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.
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