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HELP!! Please!!!

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A week ago my Cat; Princess Cutie, ran out.(She WAS a stray, but we found her when she was like 2 months old, last year in April. A year ago. And from then on she as a "house" cat. ) She didnt come back for two days! She eventually came back and she suddenly wasnt in heat anymore. ( we call her Miss: "Vulnerable", since shes been in heat for 3 months straight.. ) And now she is actually eating good which she wasnt a week ago. And I've notice weight gain. And her stomach looks bigger "to me". And she is getting an attitude problem.. since she got out.

Could she possibly be pregnant? Are there any signs to look for?
If she is any tips would be helpful!
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Im assuming that she isn't fixed.... so she could very well be preggers. Check her nipples and see if they have become slightly larger and have "pinked Up". You'll only be able to tell if it has been roughly 21 days since she became pregeers. They only other way would be to have her X-rayed.

If you don't want to have babies, then You can have her fixed right away, although if she is pregnant, it will cost more (likely), and of course you'll lose the kittens.

Weather she is or isn't, I would highley reccomend that you get her fixed as soon as possible. Given the fact that she is prone to getting out. If spaying is to costly, look at it this way, it will cost alot more to have kittens, what with all the things that could be needed as well as all the vet care that WILL be needed for the kittens.

Hope it works out!

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She might...

Would you consider spaying her? Personally, i feel that all household pets should be spayed or neutered.

Also, would you consider microchipping her?

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