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Should I get another??

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I have been trying to decide if I should add another kitty to our happy home. I have only two now, (Bubba and Scrappy) who get along fine (now) and I would really like to add a third. A friend of mine told me that when he added a third cat the older one got left out because the younger two just played together. I don't want this to happen to Bubba because he really loves to play with Scrappy. Money is not an issue with adding another cat, so that isn't a problem, just the playing issue. I know a lot of you have multiple cats, have any of you had problems? How about adding an older cat, not a kitten? Is that easier?

Thanks for any help.
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If you can, add an older cat of one of around the same age. How old is your oldest cat? Volunteering in a sanctuary, I see the older cats get picked over constantly and they are so adorable. If kept indoors only, they will live a long and happy life. We have so many that are between 7-10 that I fear will spend the rest of their lives at our place. That is okay, but it is so great to have someone come in who is open minded about their personality instead of how old they are. Also, if you do go to a sancuary, they can probably tell you about the cats in their care. I know all 100 of ours and can tell people whether they need to be only cats or are happier having companions of their own. Let me know how it works out. Good luck!
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Many years ago I had two cats and then added another. The threesome did not work out as it seemed the new one was always being left out and there was jealousy. But that is just me and my experience.It could work out fine with you. I think it just depends on their personalities.Good luck with your decision.

Ps.. We have been to New Brunswick a couple of years ago and it is so beautifull.We want to go back to visit again. I think I could live there with no problem.
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It's really hard to say. I am up to 10 now and everyone seems to have their own buddies. I have 1 who plays on occasion, but is usually happy sleeping somewhere by himself. Cats 3 and 4 I brought home together, so they have always had each other and would play with the other two when they felt like it. Whatever you decide, I am sure it's going to work out just fine.
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Bubba's Mom

what about getting 2 more?! (more the merrier!) i have 4 and i think
it's a great number

let us know what you decide!
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I think that is a terrific idea

Hi Bubba's Mom, is that a possibility for you to get two more kitties? That way everyone has a playmate. Just in case

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Thanks for the advice, adding two more does sound like a good idea, that way no one gets left out. Bubba is five years old and I think I would like to get another one around that age, plus I know that they are much harder to get adopted. Bubba and Scrappy are very easy going so introducing another cat shouldn't be a big issue. Now it's just convincing the other human here to get two more, (a trip to the SPCA should do it ) He's as big a pushover for as I am

Elinor-, Yes New Brumswick is quite beautiful, I can here from Nova Scotia to go to school, and stayed. I live in Fredericton, what part did you visit?
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Hi Bubbas Mom

We were in Fredricton, and St. John and lots of other smaller little towns.Loved to see the boats at the docks. We camped at Fundy Park. We saw the Hopewell Rocks, and Magnetic Hill. There was so much that I couldnt name it all. It was all beautifull. We loved to watch the tide come in and go out.The people are so friendly as well. My 15yr old son says that was the best trip we had ever been on .

We went along a place in Fredricton. There is a river on one side and beautifull big old homes on the other. It was incredable.We want to go back and were going to this year but the gas prices are atrocious. We hope to visit again next year.There is so much more to see. You are so lucky to live there. We are thinking of retiring there.
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Over the years, we kept adding for one reason or another. (Usually someone needing a home)
It always takes time and the pecking order will be reestablished but after a while, it will work out!
Now have five,and thinking about another!
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You are absolutely right debra, cats are addictive the more I see the more I want.

Elinor- I know exactally where your are talking about, with the houses and the river, I live just up from there. It is quite beautiful, but it does flood almost every year and the water has been known to come up over that road and toward those houses.
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