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Sneezing=Feline asthma?

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My 18yo cat started sneezing periodically several months ago. I took him to the vet for an unrelated problem and during bloodwork they found an elevated WBC count. Because of this and the sneezing I had mentioned, they started him on Clavamox. It didn't really seem to affect the sneezing but it hasn't been all that noticeable so I have just been putting off taking him back. The sneezing comes on after he jumps up on the bed or the couch, walks up the steps, and ocassionally just when he walks into the room. I don't think it's ever come on when he's at rest. Sometimes he'll just sneeze a couple times, other times he'll have sneezing fits that may last 30-60s. He doesn't really appear in any distress and there's only a small amount of clear discharge. Afterwards he's fine. He has no other symptoms that I can think of. So the other day I took him to a different vet , the one I take my parrot to. He believes that he has feline asthma. He gave me prednisone to give him as needed for days when he seems to be sneezing a lot. He also gave him a shot of Convenia because his teeth are so bad but he can't put him under anesthesia at this time due to his age and weight (14.3 lbs). I was going to have his teeth cleaned prior to moving about 5 months ago but his kidney values had crept up some after radioactive iodine treatment for his hyperthyroidism so they wanted to hold off a little while and see what happened. The vet wants to see him back in 2 weeks and go from there. Has anyone else had a similar presentation? I'm a little worried about the prednisone. From what I've read, bronchodilators are the first-line treatment. I figured he went straight to steroids because you couldn't use them in felines, but apparently that's not true. So far I haven't even given him the Pred because he hasn't been sneezing much.

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That isnt Asthma.
I have a cat with Asthma and she coughs from it so much she will throw up.
She has had Asthma for years.
Sounds like your cat might have allergies.
She sneezes certain times of the year or if anything is dusty.
Her teeth can not be removed because it isnt safe either.
Coco has had Depo Medrol shots for her asthma and allergies and pred for asthma alot of times.
It works good but caused her to get crystals in her bladder.
She now has a inhaler for asthma and is 16.5 years old.
I hope something helps your cat.
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Yeah, I began wondering after doing some research because he doesn't cough at all. To top it all off the other one has started sneezing some too! It's just weird that it seems to come on after exertion, like jumping up on the bed or going up the steps. This did seem to start after moving, but it was back to where they used to live and they didn't have that problem before. I do have a parrot, and she makes a lot of dust, but I didn't notice this problem before and I've had the parrot for 1 1/2 years. Could food allergies cause this? I did switch brands of hard food a couple months ago along with adding daily soft food to their diet.
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Coco gets rashes from food but has never sneezed from it.
She has Yesterday's News litter because the other kind makes her sneeze.
Do you think he could be getting a cold.
Coco seems to always get a bad cold around Nov/Dec and it starts with sneezing or when we first turn the heat or A/C on after it has been off for months.
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I think it's been going on too long for it to be a cold. If it is a bacterial infection then the Clavamox and Convenia should have taken care of it.
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Maybe allergies then.
Coco sometimes sneezes for months.
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Now that he's had the antibiotic shot he hasn't sneezed! Maybe it was bacterial then. The other one has started sneezing so I'll probably take them both in.
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Sounds like it was a could that needed antibiotics.
It has happened to my cats before.
Last Jan Meeko got a very high fever with sneezing then Coco got a bad cold and the other 2 just sneezed but never needed the vet.
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