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Pics of the kittens

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I hope you're all not all kittened out - I know there are so many beautiful baby pics around at the moment!

Here are pictures of some of the orphaned kittens I fostered during last kitten season: http://community.webshots.com/user/kumbulu Their names are just nicknames so I could keep records on all of them. Vegemite is there too. Again the pics were taken with a small webcam but they're not too bad. Enjoy!
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do cat people ever get kittened out? I could look at those little cuties all day!
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Tania, they're so CUTE! Some of their nicknames threw me though... that kitten is NOT green! And Vegemite is adorable!
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Tired of kittens?! No way!! They are all so cute and sweet!
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Tania they are all gorgeous! Midget really stole my heart though.

Vegemite is beautiful! What pretty markings she has.
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I will never get kittened out. Never!

Great pics!
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we never get tired of kittie picture's!!!!!
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More kittens!!!! Yeah!
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I could NEVER get tired of kittens! They are so adorable!
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Adorable, tiny, fuzzy, babies What's not to
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LOL Jenn, because those 3 black and white ones looked so similar, I used food colouring on the white stripe on their noses. You can't see it in the pictures!

Heidi, EVERYONE loved Midget! I don't know why, though. I think they're all as sweet as each other, then again, I'm slightly biased!

I'll post some current pictures of Vegemite as soon as I finish the roll of film.

I'm sure I'm going to have baby kitten withdrawl until next kitten season!
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