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Are Urinary Infections Contagious?

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Everyone on this forum has always been so helpful, so I'm going to ask another question. I posted a few weeks ago about my cat Lola and the fact that she was expelling a lot of liquid from her anal glands. It turned out to be a urinary infection and thankfully she is all better now. However, my other cat Winston is starting to act weird. First I noticed last week that he had diarrhea. I was really concerned because Lola had diarrhea at first when she got sick. I took him to the vet and they said there was no bacteria in his stool and they gave him something called forta flora to fix his stool. He's been taking it for a little less than a week and his stools are solid now, but I noticed he started to drink a lot more water than usual. He doesn't do it the whole day, but yesterday I watched him go back and forth to his water bowl 6 times in an hour. For the most part he plays and eats like normal, but if he happens to notices his dish of water he goes back an forth until he gets distracted again. This has happened two days in a row. My vet said to just watch his urine, but this is hard to do. Both of my cats get really upset when they are locked in different rooms. Winston gets especially upset and pretty much refuses to use the litter when I have tried to do this in the past. He has like a panic attack. He's a very nervous kitty and does not like change.

Anyway, my questions are could his water intake be a sign of a urinary infection? Could he have caught this from Lola? I'm just really confused and concerned by the fact that both my cats have gotten sick within a few weeks of each other. Also, do you have any tips of how to keep a cat seperate from another cat without making them sicker?
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Usually drinking lots of water is a sign of diabetes, not UTI. But you said he was taking medicine - so its probably the medicine. How old is the cat? And UTI's would cause him not to be able to pee or pee very little. Can you tell if he's peeing normal?
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He's 4 years old. He's slightly overweight and is always hungry. I suppose these could be signs of the early stages of diabetes, but he hasn't lost any weight recently. He's been the same weight for a year and he's been a food begger since we adopted him as a kitten. He usually pees in smaller pools than lola, so I have been checking his urine that way and he seems to be doing the same amount as usual. I hope it's just the medicine, but maybe I should have them check him for diabetes. He's supposed to go back in a week for his annual appointment.
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You can not catch a urine infection.
My Coco just finished Baytril for a Ecoli infection which keeps coming back.
It can be alot of thinks.
Coco does that and she now has kidney problems.
The vet said the bladder infection got to her kidneys.
It can be thyroid,diabetes or kidney.
They all cause a cat to drink alot of water.
Coco drinks alot with her bladder infections also.
I would go to the vet.
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