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The Daily Thread October 20th, 2008

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Hello All and Happy Monday

Its a warmish (52F) start to the day but overcast and a bit of drizzle.
Temps to reach a high of 58F today which I think is the predicted high for the week.

Trying to get a bit of fall cleanup done before work along with a bit of painting. As we are out of boards for the last grid of the family room we are moving along to other lumber we can install.

Work, then a bit of grocery shopping afterwards. Found some chili in the freezer so thats supper tonite.

Bakker is taking his morning nap and the girls are enjoying the outside currently.

Might not have time to post the next couple of days as I have a 2 day seminar on Invasive Plant Mgmt.

Have a good start to the week!!

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Supposed to be warm today.

Today is shelter day, so I hope the kitties had a good weekend and lots of them got adopted.

Then, tonight I have to drive to Laredo, deliver a load of toys to the store, and pick up a load of toys from the Mattel warehouse down there.
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Morning folks!

I am just checking in on the hotel internet..heading out to the training shortly after a quick stop at Timmies.

It will be a little milder today but I think its the last time. I must shop for some winter clothes!

Trout and Josh are having a heyday together so thats good...she is right at home with him. Probably wouldn't even notice if I didn't come back

Anyhoo, have a good one!
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and Damp here this morning.

Garbage Day today so I spent most of the morning getting my fibers ready to go, I generally only put them out about once a month so I like to get them all tied up nicely so they fit into the box.

Of coarse the kitties had to help with this little project which made it take even longer, oh well they had fun Pixie loves newspapers.

Have to pick up a sympathy card and get it in the mail this morning. A friend of my sister's passed away over the weekend from Cancer. It was very sad as she had a young family 3 girls 4, 7, and 9. She had breast cancer and guess by the time she finally went in to see about it she had left it to long and there was very little they could do..

Remember ladies even the slightest thing seems out of wack get it checked.

Other then that I am just going to putter and hang around with the kitties today.

Everyone have a great day
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Foggy early morning here and now plenty sunny!...
have a nicely day to all of you my friends!...
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It is wet cold miserable day. I have my 5 year old home sick today. On days like this I wish, I could just curl up in bed and stay there . I was os toasty warm and comfy this morning. I didn't drag my behind, out of bed until I absolutely had too.
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I must say, it's definitely Monday here! Hub is in a snippy mood, I was in a blah mood....until the guys came and repo'd my van (at work, we need it to deliver so had to cancel half our bookings !), then I was in a P.O.'d mood.....am still very, very angry. Not so much at them as at hub 'cuz he promised a couple of weeks ago to go by and try to work something out...did he? No, no, no!

Sorry for the vent!
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