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Carl Gets Neutered Today

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In about 45 minutes, I'm leaving to take my little man to the vet for his neuter and microchipping. He's laying right next to me now, playing with my fingers while I type... poor little oblivious thing.

Can I have some vibes for a safe and untraumatic surgery for him? I know that it's a simple thing and he'll be just fine, but I always feel nervous about these things.

I can't wait til he's home safe and sound!
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Hope all goes well vibes for you and Carl..
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For Carl
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healing vibes for your boy
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Many vibes your way and Carl's way for today!!!
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Many vibes being sent for your baby boy
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Well, he did fine at the vet's, and the tech was absolutely in love with him, haha. She said he was the sweetest cat they'd seen in awhile. Awww!

He seems okay, though his pupils are still a bit dilated. They were HUGE yesterday, and I assumed it was a combination of the anesthesia an being spooked. They're smaller today, but still larger than usual. Is this common after a neuter? I don't remember Pants' eyes being like that.
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milo was a bit like that when he was neutered. should be back to normal by tomorrow i reckon.

glad he's through it and all ok!
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