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Kitty not well after anesthesia

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Hi everyone,

Our 6 year old cat Deuce had two teeth pulled on Thursday, and is still not feeling well. She is a healthy kitty and her pre-op bloodwork was perfect. Thursday evening when we picked her up she was sort of still loopy, - eyes dilated from the anesthesia and hungry - but otherwise she was fine. Friday, she seemed fine, but she vomited Friday night and was very lethargic. Saturday morning she vomited again and had some diarrhea, and was still very lethargic - we took her to the vet to get checked out.

The vet said she did not have a fever and her teeth looked fine. She felt no tension in her belly, and said she was probably just having side effects from the anesthesia.

She administered an anti-nausea shot, and sent us home with metoclopramide and probiotics to help her feel better. Last night, she seemed much better - cuddled with us and seemed more interactive - but today, she's lethargic and seems to have no appetite.

We will call the vet again tomorrow, or tonight if necessary. She has been cuddling with us but is just so... blah... and of course I read about some cats having bad reactions to anesthesia and going into heart failure...

Any thoughts? I just want our girl back to normal!
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I wish I knew how to help you, but I don't. I just want to send my good thoughts to your girl and send some vibes that she feels better soon
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In this situation I would ask the vet to recheck the kidney and liver values today to make sure nothing has changed since they did the pre-op blood work. (You would want to recheck BUN, creatinine and ALT.)

Also, ask your vet what medications were used for anesthesia and to control pain, etc.
You can look up information about those meds here:

And here is some info about Reglan (Metoclopramide)
Hopefully it’s not causing any unexpected side effects that might explain the lethargy and lack of appetite you're seeing now.

Good info about the chemistry profile:

Sending many good thoughts and heartfelt wishes for a quick recovery.
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Thanks everyone. Deuce is doing a bit better today - ate a little food and dranks some water. She also snuggled with me last night and followed me around this morning - typical behavior for her. The good news is she's had no vomiting or diarrhea since Saturday, so the metoclopramide is working. I'll check in with the vet today, but I'm crossing my fingers that she is on the mend.
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I am glad she is feeling better.
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