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Gus killed the cat tree.

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I heard a loud thump last night. Gus killed the cat tree . He broke the top pedstal right off. He is about a year old now and he is huge. He is as graceful as an elephant. Poor Lucky she spends all of her time on there. You can tell. she is a little miffed with him . She walks by him sideways and gives him the tail. No snuggles today buddy.
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Hey!!! We need pictures!!!

That sound hysterical! Even my petite Lola can make the cat tree 'rock & roll'! There's been times where I've been worried that she's going to smack it into the window and break the glass, when she hits it with one of her flying leaps.
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The Cat tree

What is left of the top

The Cat tree Murder
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Look at that sweet innocent face

Mine have demolished a tree before, too. So I started putting them side by side for more stability and so far, its worked.
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OMG Gus, is a wanted cat Bless his heart Sorry about the tree.
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I don't know how you can blame such a sweet innocent-looking kitty!
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Don't let his sweet "who me face" fool you
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I'm glad I'm getting my eyes checked at the end of this month, I read the title of this as GUN KILLED THE TREE CAT!:p.
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that is so funny!loland he is looking like, who me??lol
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Poor guy must have felt so embarrassed when it broke. I'd imagine that right after the incident, he quickly ran away from the scene of the crime and straight to scratching his claws somewhere with his ears back as if saying, "What just happened? I was just here sharpening my nails..."

Great pictures, hehe. The look on Gus' face seems to be saying, "Wha...? What just happened? Who me? What?"
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