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Male Cats and Spraying

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My cat is 5 years old and we got him fixed when he was 6 months. If we get another male cat do I need to be concerned about them both spraying their areas in the house?
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As long as the cats have been neutered you shouldn't have any problems. I've had many male cats (I like them better then the females) and no one has ever sprayed when another cat has come in.

Even had my one breeding rex male who never sprayed no matter who was coming in the house
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In my experience, there has been spraying by my neutered cats. I am not sure that the only reason is because of a newcomer though.
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I think it all depends on the cat. When I adopted my boy, he was 5, and had not yet been neutered (was done by the shelter just a few days before I brought him home). So I was concerned that he might spray from habit, especially since I was sure that some scent of my recently deceased cat remained in the house (I kept a couple of her scratching posts). So I had Feliway up and running throughout the house when he came home. He has never sprayed, but I don't know if it was the Feliway or his own disposition (he's a most laid back cat). In any case, if you're worried, you might consdier having Feliway already up and running when you bring a new male into the house, just as insurance.
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Our first 2 males sprayed constantly. We didn't get them neuitered until they about 2 years old (this was 30 years ago, and I didn't know any better). They continued to spray even after they were fixed and we'd moved to a new house with no previous cat smell. Two other males we brought in after that also sprayed, even tho they were neutered young. I think it was a competitive thing to mark their own territory in a house full of cats. We have 2 males now (and 3 females) and they're all behaving themselves.
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I had nine cats, all of them female, before I got Persi. The reason for this was that I had always heard about spraying issues. Right before I picked Persi I started reading things here on TCS that alleviated my fears. I am so happy because I got him nuetuered right away and there have not been any issues and I am so happy to finally have a male cat. I have never had such a buddy in a cat before.
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It all depends on the cats really - if you include fosters, I have had just over 70 cats in 5 years and only 2 have sprayed, both were dominant males, doing it to mark territory - my neighbour however has three cats, two of which (one male, one female), used to happily walk into my house and spray - they stopped doing it after I got the dominant fosters, as they would happily beat them up. They also had to rehome a female who sprayed to mark her scent, she is much happier as an only cat.
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