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A New Companion for My Cat

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My husband and I have been discussing about getting another cat for C.J. (aka Claws and Jaws). He is 5 1/2 years old (neutered) and the most loving cat I've ever had. He is very socialable when we have company and follows us around the house when we're home. Actually he acts more like a dog. But lately it seems he is bored and wants more attention from us. It concerns me that he is home all day by himself when we're at work. I think it could be good for him to have a new friend.

I have two questions about what his new companion should be.

1) Is he too old for us to get a kitten? (Our neighbor's cat had kittens and they are trying to find homes for them, they are 6 wks old)

2) What would be best, a male or female?

Your opinions are most appreciative. Thanks

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I would suggest a male myself. As for being to old, I'm not sure, back at home when we got yoda (or he got us) he was only about 8 weeks old (he had been left by someone and followed our other tabby into the house) and Oliver was about, oh I was guess about 3? (we got him from a shelter that lied about his age) and while at first Oliver wouldn't have anything to do with Yoda, after a couple of months they became friends, playing together and sleeping in the same room. They never were as close as alot of the cat owers here are, but they got along.

But have you seen him with other cats? Sometimes a cat can be very social with humans and very...well aggressive toward other cats. Any chance and bringing one of the kittens over for a trail run?
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He's not too old to adopt a playmate. However, the ideal age to adopt a kitten is between 10-12 weeks old minimum. The first 10 weeks of life, kittens need importation physical AND mental lessons. Many kittens are still nursing after 8 weeks old. Its not enough to just be eating a little solid food (as most kittens 6-8 weeks can, but they still will nurse) and learning to use a box.

Important social behaviors are learned between 6-12 weeks old. If deprived of these lessons you can have behavior problems in the kitten.

Doesn't matter too much if you pick out a male or female. I find the males are more outgoing and accept the newcomers quicker then females do. Just be sure the kitten is neutered/spayed before you bring them home.
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I've read that to introduce a companion to an adult cat, the adult should be between 5 and 7 ideally. If you get a kitten, your male will probably nurture it much as we'd expect a female to do.

Ironically, I have a single male who is about 5 and very, very social, and I'm considering a companion for him--although I personally don't want a second cat. However, unlike you, I'm retired and home all day, so I don't think he's lonely. In fact, often when I try to play with him, he'll ignore me because he's not "in the mood." So I'm not sure he needs a companion.

I was interested that another poster mentioned that cats who are very social with humans may not necessarily be compatible with other cats. That's been my vet's advice--i.e., he's assured me that my boy is fine as a single cat.
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