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Cat Training?

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I know the idea of trying to train a cat might seem silly, but after reading about "clicker training" I thought it might be possible. I he was another cat I wouldn't even think of this (my two tabbies at home would just laugh at me and steal the treats) but Mai Sai seems so smart and so well happy.

I got some kitten treats awhile ago, and for the most part I don't use them. Mostly because I remember tries to use them with my other cats, and they came to expect them and wouldn't even eat their food. But Mai Sai loves them, so maybe this will be alittle different?

I posted yesterday about how he has been sleeping on the quilting frame and my hope is I can use training to get to him to stop...but I'm not competely sure how to go about this...Should I just give him a treat when I tell him to get and he does? or would he think that he was getting the treat for being up there, or get up to get the treat when he gets down? Has anyone tried this? and if so, any advise or things you would suggest I try training him to do? He is a good cat, he uses his litter box, he enjoys playing, he can play by himself (by throwing his toys in the air and chasing them), he's good at eating (though he makes a mess, for some reason he takes the food out of the bowl and eats it off the ground), so aside from a bit of scratching and being up on the counters and quilting frame, I'm not sure what else to use this for....Maybe it could be used to get him to come in at a set time? or always come when called?

I'm sorry if this seems a bit weird, but no one seemed to have many ideas on the quilting frame, so I thought I would atleast see if anyone thought it was possible...
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Cats can be trained but not as easily as dogs. I've used treats to train mine to come and NO/hissing/blowing on the face for bad behavior (like mom cats do).
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The hard thing is motivating a cat. A dog is easily motivated by treats, but cats are nowhere near as willing to jump through flaming hoops for a little piece of tuna.
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