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Question of the Day Oct 19th

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Do you make lists or do you just wing it?

I am a little of both, sometimes when I have a lot to do I will make a list to keep track of it, but I also wing it quite often.
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I make lists when I grocery shop, or when I have lots of stuff that I want to accomplish around the apartment. If I make lists when I shop, I stick to the lists, so it helps me not to spend money on stuff I don't need.
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I make grocery lists, and I make lists when we're doing a wedding, usually one for food prep and load, and one for equipment loading...that way I'm sure I don't get off without something that we need! If I'm just shopping for a few things I don't usually make one, but if its something like major Christmas shopping, I not only make a list, but keep notes on what I've bought whom, lol!
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I do both.

Usually if we have a lot to do one day and take a day off work to complete errands, I'll make a list so we don't forget to do something. Same as grocery shopping. I'll end up spending $30 more if I don't make a list.

But then sometimes if I just have to do a couple things after work or pick up one or two specific things I will wing it.
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I am a list maker, but some times I make the list and leave it home

I also make To Do lists, and it's gratifying to cross off the things I've accomplished
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DH usually has a "to do" list, and we ALWAYS have a written grocery list! We may add 1-2 extra items, but we stick to the list - when its done, we check out
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I'm a compulsive list-maker, not just for shopping but for everyday tasks around the house. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I get everything checked off at the end of the day. Doesn't always happen that way , but it feels good when it does.
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I love making to-do lists... it's a great way to procrastinate on doing actual work.
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Lists, always. Then I don't have to keep it in my brain and it's satisfying to check off things!
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I'm a list maker too. Unfortunately, I often leave my list at home, and try to wing it when I go to the grocery store. Can someone explain why it's usually the most important thing that you forget to pick up, when you've forgotten your list??? My grocery list usually lives on the kitchen cupboard. My 'to do' list is usually in my purse. I really should make them one & the same, so that it is always with me.
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List maker
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My DH is a list maker I just wing it most of the time.
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I make lists for grocery shopping. If I am doing housecleaning that I don't do every day like cleaning out cabinets etc., I do make a list for that.
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I have a list for just about everything in my life. They are all in my PDA, which is with me at all times -- so the list is never on the kitchen counter when I find myself with an opportunity to get some shopping done -- or when I think of something that needs to be added to it.
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I make lists but I don't forget it I can lose it at one of my stops!!
That is why I got a digital voice recorder this summer. That is one handy gadget. I can walk around peering in the cupboards and record what I need. I always have in my purse too!!
For client jobs I have an equipment list but I don't carry all that stuff all the time so once in a while I forget something. Thankfully some clients have the items I forgot so I use theirs!
I do make an errand list since we live a good 25 minutes either way from the major shopping areas I don't want to run back for one little item.
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I make lists and try my best to stick to them If I wing it, I impulse buy, and my wallet doesn't like that
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