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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All

Sunny but very cool again this morning -3C but is suppose to go up to 11C by this afternoon.

Today is going to be kitty spa day at my house, brushing, nail clipping and ear cleaning for everykitty. Luckily my guys are mostly cooperative having anything done to them. Pixie however has to be in the mood because if she isn't it's like wrestling with a small elephant.

Other then that it's just going to be a putter day I have a few things that I can do if I really want to.

The kitties are good today, just had some treats and are window watching for the moment..

Everyone have a great day
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Not sure of the exact temp this morning, but we had the first frost of the season here this morning! It's off to church with us this morning, then to the grocery store to pick up a few things for tomorrow...back home to rest the rest of the afternoon......boring, huh?
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Its really cold here this morning and was sleeting rain last night, so I am not expecting a very nice day! Anyway no matter the weather it is hoof trimming day. I have to get at least one of my four draft horses trimmed, two mini horses, five goats, and one non cooperative Pot bellied pig!! I just gotta suck it up, put on a warm coat, some gloves and get it done!

I also have to in the afternoon put a ride on my new Tinker pony, and then Sunday supper at my parents place with my Oma! All I want is a lazy day with nothing to do but no such luck!
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It's rather chilly here this morning, 56º with a high of 65º. Supposed to be windy out.

We're going to go to Petsmart and get a couple tropical fish and see if they will survive in my 10 gal aquarium (apparently goldfish are not fond of it!) If not, then I'm seconds away from giving up on that tank! It worked great with bettas, but we decided to try goldfish since bettas only seem to live 6-8 months. (Unless my mom has them, then they live 2-3 years!) Hmph. I dont think the goldfish liked the water in there.

Then we're going to the library since we didn't go yesterday. Going to cook a pork loin for dinner (finally), and relax for the rest of the weekend.
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Church at 10am. Then we have to unpack the car and do laundry and put away all the camping stuff
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Should be around 80 today, maybe a little higher. Good for a ride in the hot rod?

I hope to get the last two coats of polyurethane on the guitar I'm building. Nothing fancy.
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I'm at my sisters place...I have been in training close to her place all week so she picked me up for the weekend.

We are heading for breakfast soon at Cora's! Then she is driving me back to Hamilton for another fun filled week of training..
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Off for yet another fun filled Sunday. Seriously, I honestly think that today we are going to work around the house, getting it ready for winter.
I hate the cold and am already ready for it to be over...
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Recovering from my Halloween party/houseguests! (And cleaning up from last night.)

Even though the party was great, and I love my relatives who stayed over, I am tired. I hardly slept last night, and at 5 AM, we heard glass breaking--thanks, Marge! (It was a cheap photo frame.) Today was nice--after the hustle & bustle of the party, etc., I FINALLY had a day to myself to just sit and read--all alone in the house (DH was taking my niece back to college, which is a 2-3 hour drive each way.)

Since we are getting our 1st frost tonight, I went out and harvested what I could, then covered the rest of the veggie garden (with the plastic Halloween tablecloth from the party, yet!).

MIL is coming down to stay on Tues. for 3 days--here we go again on the entertainement carousel!
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Got a bunch of stuff done with the horses today, and a bit of cleaning, and mostly just tried to relax and enjoy the day!
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It's really warm here today, but it at least looks like fall with all of the leaves changing.

My day consisted of:
- taking our dog for a walk
- going to Starbucks
- cleaning
- laundry
- jogging
- putting our bed together (we moved two months ago but finally found all of the parts...)
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Today was pretty nice outside.

This morning when I woke up I cleaned up the house a little bit. This afternoon DH and his partner (they're cops) came over for a little bit of lunch on their break so I visited with them until they went back on duty.

After they left I watched a movie then got back to work painting for a few hours. Tonight after DH got off work, we watched tv for a little while and then he went off to bed. I'll probably head off to bed in a little while too.
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