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Desexed cat putting on weight

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Hi all!

I just have a quick question about my kitty! She is probably about 2 years old now and was desexed about 2-3 months ago. She has gained a considerable amount of weight! She used to be a very skinny cat until she was desexed. She has had one litter of kittens and was desexed as soon as she could be after she had them. Is it normal for her to put on weight after being desexed?

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They dont need as much food after being neutered, so that could be part of it, but because she wasn't neutered until that age, they tend to be a lot thinner than a cat neutered at 6 months, so she could just be catching up with the weight she should have been. AS she was neutered later in life, please do monthly mammary gland checks on her, as she might be more prone to mammary cancer later in life - any change whatsoever and vets asap, as sadly it is normally picked up on too late.
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Sometimes. However, if you do not free feed any cat, they really won't get fat. I'd talk to your vet first to determine how much weight she has to loose and then work on a diet.

First thing is that you cannot freed feed. All dry tends to put more weight on cats. And you have to use a combo of reduced food/calories and more exercise.

With her being young, you should work on getting the weight off. Older cats that are overweight will have more problems.
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The same thing happened to Ash adn Shadow and its bad.
I told him to do something because they are obese.
Shadow was about 9 pounds before she was fixed and is now 17 pounds.
Ash gained like 6 pounds after.
how many pounds did your cat gain?
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