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Kitto's grown up

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Last year I posted quite a bit when I found a little kitten in my neighbors woodpile. He was so lost and terrified and hungry and LITTLE. I just wanted to show what he looks like now. Although he is so big I can barely hold him, he is still my baby kitten, and sometimes still crawls under my blankets to snuggle on cold nights.
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Aw, what a big beautiful kitty!
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Awww, what a sweetie! Such a big and healthy boy...I bet you have your hands full. You have been a great mommy to him, and he obviously knows that. Good Job!!
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Wow, what a beautiful cat. Could you post here a picture of him as a kitten?
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Oh my stars what a handsome fellow! yes, we'd like to see then and now!
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Awww, he'a adorable, and lucky you found him
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I think I'm lucky I found him! I adore him and we have the closest bond. I spent a lot of time taking care of him when I found him, he was so traumatized and his little feet were burned. Also he tested positive for FIV when he was little but he is negative now. It took weeks before he would even come downstairs. here are a few baby pics:

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What a fantastic kitty !!!
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thanks Sport is really really adorable too!
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Awwww what a little gorgeous boy he was and is
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Awww...what a big lovely boy!
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He has grown into a handsome boy You have done a great job with him
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everyone it is nice to talk with people who understand how much Kitto and all my cats mean to me.
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Very handsome kitty!
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