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Internet Suicides

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What is up with these kids comitting suicide because or on the Net? Just recent an RPG player killed himself becaus of an internet game. And a while back a teenage boy comitted sucicide by overdosing on pills because people in a chat room egged him on. The internet IMO is becoming dangerous.
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What I think is sad is that these kids don't have any true identities (sense of self), self esteem, self assurance. No one could have egged me on to killing myself, or even taking drugs (that I didn't want to) when I was a teen. I certainly wasn't so consumed with ONE thing (the case of the RPG online gamer) that I would kill myself over it. Where were the parents of these kids? I don't mean just when they did it, I mean in general and during their formative years when you learn to think for yourself and be an individual.
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I never understood the "everybody's doing it" mentality. There is something else going on in these kids' heads, besides the Internet stuff.

Its too easy to try to blame the Internet, TV, movies or video games. People are responsible for their own actions and, in the case of kids, parents should be aware of what their kids are up to.

I always knew who my kids' friends were and made them tell me where they were going and with whom. Richard and Mark knew what was expected of them and that there were rewards or consequences, for their behavior.
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I actually played that RPG game that kid played. I played it for 3.5 years on a constant basis. It is very addicting. Hard to explain it has this pull to it. I no longer play it at all. I can not understand why someone would kill themselves over the game. I know his mother tried to blame the game and was considering suing the company over it. I really hope she doesn't win.

It is sad her son committed suicide, but it is NOT that game's fault. They do not tell people to kill themselves. She should have noticed when her son wouldn't get off the computer and played that game for 16 hours straight that there was a problem. She should've involved herself. There was something more to him committing suicide than just playing that game.

It's just depressing
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If anyone remembers, some parents sued Judas Priest in the 80's for their sons' suicide pact. One of the kids survived and even testified against the band he used to love. The case was summarily dismissed, and I'm sure any case against the video game makers would be too. Parents with troubled kids often try to blame anything and everything else because they don't want to think that they may have had a part in their child's problem (who can blame them for trying, really?). Unfortunately in today's society many people think that money will help heal the hurt.....
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It's going to become the in thing to do, there is no doubt in my mind about that.
Kids today ARE really messed up, even more so then my generation was! And that's SCARY. Kids today SCARE me, and I'm sure in some of your minds I am still a "kid". lol.

Their idiots, their whole world is about image and being popular, I have kids ask me now adays if they should worry about being popular, I cant believe they have to ASK that question. In my day, yes some were worried about being popular or not, but at least we had the brain power to know such a thing was messed up to think about and to want so badly!

In the kid who pilled himself to death, and yes I read about this one when it happened, I feel it was the parents fault, for not helping their child, for not knowing their child needed help a LONG time ago, to not know the type of things he would talk about to his friends in a chat room, and most of all, DO NOT GIVE MIND ALTERING MEDICATIONS, or any medications to your CHILD to hold onto. Keep it locked up where only a parent can get to it, and administer it!
Damn idiots!
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