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My Feral Colony

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Well on top of having my own my wife began feeding a colony of ferals near our apartment building. Well winter was coming and we were afraid they would freeze there little butts off so we decided to provide them some shelter. A 25 and 55 Gal bin with some towels seem would be fine for now. Well not too long after we noticed that one of them was pregnant and had hoped she would have the babies up here. Well one day she showed up skinny and thought she had left the babies somewhere since we didnt see or hear them for a couple of weeks. Also she was much too young and we thought she might not have known what to do. Well one day my wife heard the all to familiar kitten cry and she went outside on our porch and the was mommy bringing her kids up stairs to the smaller bin. My wife really wants to keep the kittens but that would put too much of a strain on finances, so I am going to try and make some calls to the local Animal Rescue Shelters and see if they have room, Ive already called a few and have been told the are to there limit with cats. So if anybody can recommend anything, please do.

Here are a couple of pics of them:
There Shelter

Mommy and we think this is Daddy

The Babies
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Well me and my wife were able to find somebody that would take the babies and put them up for adoption, all we need to do is foster them till they weigh over a pound.

A family member might want to take momma in as well, so thats a big relief, though we both hate to see them go.

There is a small black one that we might take in espically since Halloween is coming up but we think a local animal rescue will take her in. That leaves us with 2 that are friendly but not quite tame.

I was wondering if anybody had recommendations as somebody threatened to call Animal Control to pick them up yesterday so we are frantically trying to relocate/home them.

Anything would be greatly appreciated!
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Try this link. Fill out the information and they will put you in touch with rescue groups in your area. Maybe you can find others that help feral/stray cats. http://www.alleycat.org/NetCommunity...=444&srcid=379

Also, call all area vet offices and ask if they know anyone that rescues cats. If they don't then ask if they know of any 'crazy cat ladies'. For some reason they understand this term. Leave your number with them. Don't ask for other person's phone number. Vet office should respect privacy of other person.

Can you take them into an extra bedroom until something can be worked out?
Any family members that might take them in understanding the situation?

Maybe someone will have more ideas. You are doing a great thing for these cats.
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Well we have strated bringing the kittens in everyday for few hours at a time. So I here are a few pictures of them. Also we found out we are not the only one feeding this bunch, theres is about 4 other people giving these little guys food, though my wife is paranoid and feels that they may be poising them. Anywhos the kitten are almost ready to go, we have started giving them softned dry food. One of them will go to my brother in law. The black one seems will be going to my niece, and we decided we are going to keep momma.

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It is so great of you to be taking care of those cats and the kittens!they were lucky to have found you....good luck finding the rest homes!
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Sending sucessful adoption prayers and vibes
You might try calling the potential adopters & see if they'd be willing to confirm with AC of their intention to adopt the kits once they're old enough, just in case AC shows up. IMO, AC would be glad to not have to deal with the situation.
Bless you for taking in those cats
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Try to keep them together until at least 10 weeks if possible... to help them develop more and be more social as cats.
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