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Tuscani Pastas

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Has anyone here ever had any of the three Tuscani Pastas from Pizza Hut? I keep seeing the commercials for them on the telly and wanting to go there and try one but I am scared that it won't taste too good.. Please share if you have.
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The commercials look WAAAAY too staged. If I went to a high priced dinner and got Pizza Hut I would be PO'ed! Would not care if it tasted yummy, not what I paid for. The people are all smiles and bemused that they have been fooled, do YOU know anyone who whould pay for a high price pasta dinner then be HAPPY it was replaced by Pizza Hut, and they could not tell the difference?

ETA: not saying they are not good, never tried them, but buyer beware.
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I have tried all three. The Bacon Mac and Cheese is GROSS!!! Not good at all! The Beef Marinara is good and The Chicken Alfredo is good. My fave is the beef marinara. Except for the Bacon mac and cheese, they are good for what you pay. I wouldn't expect them in a fancy restaurant though.
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I tried the chicken alfredo, and it was pretty good. You do get a LOT for $12.99 - I got sick of eating it before I could finish it (Earl doesn't eat alfredo, so it was all mine).
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I have not tried the one with bacon, but the other 2 are good. They are really easy to figure out out how to make them once you have had theirs.
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I have had the chicken fetticinni one which was excellent, I even ordered it twice. I have not tried the others as of yet but it sure was yummy.
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I've been wanting to try theirs. My Mother was going to order some friday night when we were helping some friends pack to move, but that fell through. We keep wanting to try the Mac and Cheese with bacon one the most. Now I'm kinda leery about that one. It does sound like it would be a very rich dish.
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I love Pizza Hut pasta. I've only tried the marinara and alfredo, and really like both, but the marinara is my favorite.
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Have only tried the chicken alfredo one. It is decent, especially considering the source, but I've had much better from a real restaurant
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Nope - all 3 of them have meat in them.
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