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Indoor cat wants out

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One of my foster-cats, Patti, has started a new evening ritual: I live in an apartment building, on the first floor; when I come in she darts out of my apartment into the hallway and walks the length of the wall to the front door. She sits there and just meows and meows in a sad way. I pet her, play with her, until someone else is in the hallway and she gets scared and runs inside my apartment. This can go on anywhere from 5-15 minutes; if I am not tolerant, I just pick her up and carry her inside. Keep in mind she is ten years old and has never been an outdoor cat, no exposure to the outdoors, except looking out windows. She seems happy otherwise - should I just humor her? What concerns me is the meowing - she is a quiet cat, very well behaved, and it just sounds unhappy. Or is it something to worry about? (Note: although she is a foster cat, she has lived with me since last November)
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I think if a cat dislpays a new unexplained behavior it could relate to a medical problem. A visit to the vet might help to eliminate any health concerns. Does she have any other bahavior changes that you have noticed, change in habits, eating, etc. Does she seem confused in any way?

She is a foster from last Nov. and is 10 yrs old. Maybe something reminded her of her old life and she is trying to go home. Cats have gotten lost for months and found their way home. Something to consider.

Sorry, I have not experienced this but I hope you can find some suggestions that help. You are doing a great thing by giving her a place to be home. Foster fur parents are the best. Good luck to you.
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I would not humor her. Pick her up and bring her in with you, giving lots of loves and cuddles of course. There may be a critter out there she has just noticed, or is new to your front door area and she could be checking that out. Regardless, 10 year old lay around like a big fur lump indoor cats can move supprisingly fast and you would not win trying to chase her if she got out! (trust me on this)
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She does not seem confused at all - she is quite happy when she is in my apartment with me. I was home more yesterday than usual and we went through this twice - I gave in when I couldn't take the meowing! At the end of the second hallway exploration, she encountered a neighbor - with a leashed small dog - which really scared her - and she hid under my bureau for a bit. Then she sat on my lap for a while and then curled up with me when I went to bed (what an exciting Saturday night...) She did not want to go out today - it is just a night time thing, I think. But I do think she is missing her original home - I am not sure when she can go back to her home as it is being remodeled. She seems healthy otherwise. After the dog/neighbor encounter, I think I will carry her if she insists on going in the hallway - you are right, she could go fast and far if the exterior door opens.
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