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Finally, a Petsmart in NE Portland

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I'd like to think i had something to do with this... but maybe not. I sent an email about a year and a half ago through the Petsmart website, suggesting they look at the Cascades Parkway shopping center that was being built at the time. It's about a five minute drive for me, on surface roads.

Today is the Grand Opening.

The only other store I was super happy to see show up there was IKEA last year... which i camped out for the night before (yeah, I'm nuts), but since I'm still recovering from the hospital, I'll just go, check it out... see if i can get any free stuff, like one of the gift cards they're giving away... and then head off to a Convention meeting at 2... I'm gonna be exhausted tonight.

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Awesome! There is a Petco near me but no PetSmart (which I prefer) Have fun
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Well, I got some food and toys... there was a radio station there, and for ONCE the cat section is right up front... we're not stuck in the back behind small animals or dogs. Also, Cat Adoption Team (C.A.T.) from Sherwood was there for adoptions. They have the adoption wall. Because I'm a volunteer at the county shelter, and we all work together to rehome cats, they let me go in the back and greet the cats. There were a few kittens running around back there while the cages were getting cleaned... so stinkin' CUTE!! there was one girl who was all over me... if I could, I would... but I can't. It was nice to meet folks from C.A.T. finally. We send them cats when we get crammed. Which is often.

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We always shop at Petsmart.
I got two blankets and a bed there yesterday.
They always have adoptions but i try to stay away from that wall because I will end up with another cat otherwise.
My Sister adopted Legolas from Petsmart a few years ago.
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I was wondering which Portland you were talking about until I saw the name of the shopping center.
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We have Petco and PetSmart here. Locally, though, there is a Northern Californian chain called Pet Food Express and it is wonderful. What a great supply of the best pet foods!
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