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I Met AlleyGirl Today!

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There was a CFA-sponsored cat show this morning here in the Richmond, Virginia area and Paula (AlleyGirl) and I decided to meet up and go to the show, with lunch afterwards.

We had a really nice time looking at all the gorgeous kitties there. Paula found a sweet little Turkish Angora she fell in love with and I saw a sweet little lilac point Siamese boy named Kashi that I fell in love with ... and the breeder actually let me pet him!!!

It was only a one day show so there weren't very many vendors there. I was hoping to pick up some new cat toys and treats, but the only vendor represented was Siamese Rescue. I loved their cat beds, but they were a bit spendy and my kids just got a couple of new beds for the winter so I didn't buy anything.

We went to lunch afterwards at Wendy's and talked for about an hour.

Paula is a lovely person and I look forward to getting to know her better since we live so close to each other. I must also say that she is a patient soul because I am evidently quite geographically challenged and got lost on the way to the cat show and then again on the way to Wendy's afterwards so I was late to both!!. (I am so sorry I made you wait like that, Paula!!)

I didn't think to take pictures (stupid me) but now that I think about it, I am glad we didn't because my well pump broke right before I was getting into the shower so I had no water (and couldnt shower - it was a good thing I took a bubble bath last night before I went to bed!!) and my hair looked like poop.

Maybe next time!
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How cool!! I wish I live close to you guys, too.

I was just saying in another thread, that I would LOVE to meet you one day, Gaye and Paula, too. If we all only lived close to each other.

Im glad you guys had a great time!
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Aw im very glad you two had a nice time! I have never been to a cat show lol! only dog show once before , lol! My friend has a lilac cat called Wayne , lol wayne? i was like okkkkay lol!!

Jess x
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That's very cool! I'm jealous.
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Well, she was only a few minutes late and didn't get terribly lost but we'll just blame it on mapquest

We had a great time looking at all the gorgeous kitties, but it was very hard not to touch them and snuggle them all up! Gaye was a lot of fun to talk to and we will definitely try to get together again soon, since we live so close.

They had some adorable little persian kittens for sale, good thing we didn't bring money or a carrier Of course, neither of us remembered to take a camera.

p.s. Pam - you can come visit anytime!
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I am thrilled for both of you....
It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Gaye...I hear that the poop hair look is the new popular style...
at least here on TCS.
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Glad you got to meet each other, I have met Paula too, and she's wonderful

Gaye we seem to have the same hairdo
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It's nice you guys got a chance to meet up..
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I am glad you got to meet.
It is fun meeting others from this group.
I have met Going Nova,BelongstoEvie,Butzie,Meowers,Blastoffgirl and Sarahp. We are hvaing another meet up in Dec.
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Aww isn't that lovely that you both met up like that
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That's great that you guys got to meet up. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, too.
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Now I have met Gaye and Helen (Bella713). Who's next?

Susan, you should come visit!
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That's great that you got to meet!
I have a hard time at pet shows because they generally don't let you pat the animals and they're all so beautiful.
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Wonderful that you got together! Wish we all could...
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I'm glad you guys had a nice meet up!
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I'm so jealous! I'm glad that you had a good time
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How awesome for you 2!
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That's great that you two got to meet and go to a cat show too.
How can you go to a cat show and not take pictures?
I would love to see what Kashi looks like, he sounds really cute.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
I'm so jealous! I'm glad that you had a good time Jealous!......
glad that all goes all right with the Meeting!...
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I am so glad you two got to meet too bad noone seems to live close enough to me to have a meetup as I live in Western KY and don't feel bad I get lost going to places in my area because I am easily turned around unless I have been somewhere a million times. I will see something that looks familar and turn and it will be wrong and get lost trying to get back out of that area and one way streets really mess me up cause I can't turn around and go back.
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