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My evil drop trap

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I have given back the drop trap that's been injuring my kitties, but I made a model in SketchUp:

So the green frame is wooden, the brown bit is the door to transfer the kitty to the regular trap, and there is netting surrounding the top and sides of the cage.

It's tight enough that I can't push on the netting to move them, but loose enough so they can get between the netting and the frame, and it makes it almost impossible to get them into the transfer trap.

This is what it's done to the 2 ferals we've caught:

I don't know if it's from smashing their face into the wooden supports when they're trying to get free, if they're headbutting the netting, and getting the equivalent of a rope burn (the netting is like the sort of net you would find on a fish net), or both.

DH and I are thinking about making our own trap, but not sure of the best design
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Bless their hearts! Wish I had some advice on how to make a trap, but I don't. My Garfield used to come home from the vet with a bloody nose and missing nails from trying to get out of their cage. Best of luck to you.
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Aww..yeah, I don't think it is uncommon for ferals to hurt themselves while in a trap, be it drop or the reg Havahart or other. Not all but some try soo hard to get out that they get a scraped nose and more. Some will just hunker and play "there's no cat here" but a few (in our exprnc) will popcorn like crazy. I've had a few get hurt like those kittehs and one cut (no idea how) a toe and tore a claw digging. The vet patched him up, he thought the toe had been injured before and was healing when he re-opened the wound trying to dig his way out. Tel us how you did with the new trap. PVC pipe and plastic netting is supposed to be better than wood and wire mesh.
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I've done a lot of trapping in regular traps, and never had a problem.

I'm in 2 minds about it all. I mean, what's a sore nose when it's the only means to get them neutered? But then, they go through so much stress from getting trapped, going through surgery, and hanging in my recovery cage not knowing what's going on (it really kills me how scared they must be to be confined and have no idea why I'm holding them prisoner). The last thing they need is a busted up nose as well.
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I feel the same way when one is trapped; the poor things are thinking we're killing them..but the end result is that we're saving their lives and helping. Even if it happens to be a feral that we have to euthanize it is still better than dying alone suffering. Good that you didn't get any hurt in a humane trap, it happens but not with most.
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