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Here we go again...

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Not sure if any of you remember me and my FONZI

He has food allergies and all 3 of our cats eat Natural Balance Duck & Green Pea dry food and Venison can...
Anyways, July 24th I took him to the vet because he was scratching his, he got a steroid shot like he has in the past and he was totally fine!
didn't even scratch...
Then on Sept.12 he would scratch here and there and now it's back to like a 8!

On Monday, I called the vet to ask if there's anything meds I can give to Fonzi..
and gave some pills (Chlorpheniramine) I asked the vet to make it into a liquid which he said is extra, of course, I said fine whatever..
I gave Fonzi a dose that night and he foamed at the mouth and ran around... I haven't given it to him since...
he's just spitting it up..
Do I still make him take the meds?

Anyone know why he keeps scratching? He can only get the steroid shot twice a year..
Okay, I know this might sound funny, but is there like a specialist I can take him to?

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My Vet said the same thing about steroid shots.
Coco could only get them 2 times a year also.
I have no idea what vets are in your area.
Are there any schools that can help?
We have UC Davis here.
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Is it only his eye that he is scratching at, nowhere else? Here, if it's skin-related, vets give patients a referral to see the dermatologist. I saw one just two weeks ago for my dog's itchiness and we did a serum allergy blood test - found out she's allergic to house dust mites and cat dander! Maybe you could ask your vet for a referral?
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You can contact this vet.
This is Dr Pierson, often quoted on this board. She will help you. I think her fee for over the phone is 75 dollars or so. She is a nutrtionist and that is where she will help you.
Please tell her Ken and Sneakers sent you
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Please consult a vet who can do ACTUAL allergy testing ... has any type of allergy testing been done??

I do agree to consult a holistic minded vet but IMHO I would not trust a phone consult with a vet who has NOT seen my animal
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In 2005 Fonzi had blood work done to see what he was allergic to.. and that is when the vet said it's food allergies, not dust, fragrance etc...

I'm totally serious.. I don't care how much it will cost me!
I need answers and I guess another vet or something.. I dunno...

Is there such a thing like, TOP VETS or anything like that?
or how I can find one?

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I would consult the university who can likely give you the nearest vet hospital ( like school)

here is a cat specialist
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Personally, I would go to Michigan State if you don't mind the 3 hour drive. They are among the top veterinary schools in the country and have several specialists in each area. I've never had to go there where I didn't leave with answers.

You could also try Perdue in Indiana. They might be a little bit closer, but I don't know much about their program or hospital.
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Thanks everyone.. and also,for the link!!

I was just sitting here looking up Oprah's vet!
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As others have suggested, get a real-life vet. I personally would be very suspicious of any vet that would charge a fee and diagnose over the phone.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
As others have suggested, get a real-life vet. I personally would be very suspicious of any vet that would charge a fee and diagnose over the phone.
Oh, I know.. I wouldn't do anything over the phone!
Not when it comes to my babies!
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