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Saturday!!! What are your plans?

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Morning All!!!

Sunny and on the chilly side here about 2C (40F).

My sister and I are going shopping after lunch, I need a new pair of winter boots and she is looking for some nice shoes for the holiday season get-togethers.

I also need to pick up a few household items including a new bedroom lamp, with 3 cats in the house I guess I don't have to explain what happen there.

This evening I have nothing special planned, I am re-reading some of my James Herriot books so may just spend the night doing that.

The kitties are good this morning, a little subdued due to getting into trouble for the lamp incident. They are just like little kids who know they did something wrong giving me that "we're really sorry, we didn't mean to" look. I am sure I will hold out at least another 10-15 minutes before I let them off the hook.

Everyone have a great day
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Nice and cool here, not too much so, just very fallish..nice! Not much planned for us today, my van is in the shop getting a new a/c compressor and timing belt, hub is doing the same to his (his is older and easier to get to than mine) at the moment we're driving my mom's car.....he's gone in it, so I'm stuck here cleaning house...mind you I haven't in two weeks, so it really, really needs it!

James Herriott.....those are still some of my favorite books, even though I've read most of them half a dozen times or more!!
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Hello. IT is suppose to be a nice sunny day today in the 70s so I will be picking up the house today and we will be having bbq ribs that Jesse will slow cook on the charcol grill. We will be inviting a friend over and just hang out and converse. I am a bit excited as we do not usually have people over.
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Good afternoon!

It's dreary and drizzly here today, with a high of 68º in the forecast.

Rob and I slept in until about 9:30am, it was nice! We got about 12 hours last night - we were beat after bowling.

Today I'm hoping to go to the range with our Christmas presents I want to practice target shooting with my 9mm, and maybe try his shotgun once. He's says it's gonna hurt me. I also want to stop at the library and pick up some more books to read - almost done with my 64th this year.

Then tonight is date night. Yay! My friend wants us to go on a haunted hayride with her since she cant bring her kids (they advise no kids under 12 for the haunted one). I dont know what she's gonna do with them after the normal hayride! I don't know if I'll go or not, since it's date night and I love going out to dinner somewhere with Rob. He's not big on the scary chainsaws-jumping-from-bushes stuff, so we'll see what happens.
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Its 70 here but its raining.
We are going to the Harvest Festival and the Egyption Festival today.
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Had a very heavy dense fog here till about 11:30am, couldnt even see up the driveway, and it was cool, upper 30's. Nice and sunny now, around 55F.
My plans, being a big potato! I have the house to myself, yay! (tough being this age and living, even temporarily, with your folks) I have some beer chilling in the fridge, my birthday present to myself. I walked through the woods early this morning all shrouded in fog and gathered up a bunch of stuff to make an arrangement out of. Went to a flower show last night as a guest of the Womens club (well, I helped set up and stuff) and came home with some pretty stuff I scavenged off the stage after they were through with the demonstrations and it got me in the mood to flower arrange! SO I have a big pile of stuff that I am going to make into a I have no idea what yet except that it is going to be predominatly burgendy, fall themed, (not a whole lot of spring wild flowers blooming here at the moment, lol) mostly foliage, dried whispy things, green whispy things, a few different types of evergreen and a big bunch of sticks one of the florists gave me seeing me scavinging.It will be fun! I have a few episodes of House on the DVR I haven't watched yet, some tasty snacks, and the previously mentioned beer.
If I am feeling energetic, I may take a nap, lol. I love days like this.
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I am staying around the apartment today. I have been sick for a week now. I went home early from work on Monday, had Tuesday off and went back on Wednesday. Thursday, I had to go home early again since I couldn't talk above a whisper and at a call center, that just won't work. I stayed home on Friday since I still couln't talk. My voice is better today, so I am going to rest today and tomorrow. I need to go back to work on Monday since the attendance policy sucks and I will get into trouble if I miss more. They don't really care if you are sick or not. They just want the bodies there to answer the calls.
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worked this morning and mowed my lawn for the last time when I got home

been on here since I got home, made dinner in the meantime and will probably watch a little TV in a bit. This is basically what I do every Saturday
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Well we went to my BIL"s house this morning as we got I think 5 or 6 cherry saw logs.
The price was right-free!! But it took three guys over 2 1/2 hours to get them loaded on our trailer-they had to still cut one of the trees down. We then drove to the place we buy alot of lumber from to drop off to get sawed into usable lumber. THe guy how does the sawing was envious. We should get about 40 boards ranging from 6-10 long and I nice widt some could be 10-12"!! Yay!!!!!

While driving there I called a lady about some chairs I saw on craiglist and bought two Comb back windsor chairs for $100 sight unseen!! I get them Wednesday afternoon.
They were here grandmothers and look really cool in the photo I hope in good shape when I see them.

We worked on installing the rest of the beadboard that we have left and I did some much needed vaccuuming and picking up in the family room.

Grilled out for supper.

Thats my day!!
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I spent the day at the shelter at our 'Howl-o-ween Pawty'
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I spent most of the morning on the couch (not feeling so great today).

After a while I started feeling a little better, so I went for a walk with the dogs then came back and ran some drills with them. They had fun!

Tonight I went to the grocery store for a bit to pick up a few things. After I got home and unloaded the groceries, DH got home from we hung out for a bit, had a late dinner and watched some Law & Order SVU reruns.

That's pretty much been it for today.
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