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I just have my ears pierced. When I was 16 with my mother's consent I got my belly button pierced it closed up though.
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
I have a total of 28! 12 in each ear, top to bottom on each one, then I have a nose, belly button and yes both nipples pierced which is my favorite of all! I love piercings, so much fun! Actually the ears so many times is because I work at a place in the mall that does piercings (claires) and when new people come to work they have to be certified in ear piercings, so I always got the free ear piercings! I did my belly button when I was 12 and my nose after I had my second baby, one day I just needed to do something crazy so I pierced my nose and I love it, then last year for my birthday my husband got me a birthday present on me to himself! Both nipples! I love them also! I want to get my nape done next, but this year for my birthday my friend is getting me a tattoo on my wrist, just a little one of a scorpio sign! I dont want anymore facial peircings except for ears (I know there has to be room for more somewhere) so Im going to have to start finding new places to put them!
You work at Claire's? I work at Claire's too!
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Originally Posted by 709Juggalette View Post
How did you get your tongue stretched? Did you do it yourself or go to the piercer? My tongue is at 14g and I wanna eventually go to a 10g or 8g tongue.I stretch my own ear lobes,but I would think stretching the tongue is more work.Tips? Advice?
I am a very impatient person and kinda had a running bet with a friend of who could get a 00g tongue ring first. I stretched from a 14g down to an 8g in like 2 months. It stretched by itself down to a 10g and then i was dumb and pushed the 8g through. It hurt but not as bad as going from an 8g to a 6g.....please do not do the stretching yourself it hurts and leaves nasty scar tissue. Going from 6g to 4g i had my piercer do it with the stretching things they use and let me tell you it hurt a heck of lot more than it did to get it pierced. After feeling the proper stretching technique i quit the lil bet. (i was the first to get to the lowest gauge but he ended up going to a 0g, plus my hubby hated that i went larger on my tongue) My piercer stretches piercings for free as long as you buy the jewelry

As for the nipple rings it has made them a heck of a lot more sensitive, never heard of the desensitizing of them from anybody including all the piercers i use to hang with. The only piercing I know of that has tendencies to desensitize is the clitoris piercing......no thanks!
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Originally Posted by Kaylacat View Post
Thursday my dad took me to get my eyebrow peirced. I have been wanting it done for a long time and I am very happy with it. It has a ring (hoop) in it right now, but in 4-6 weeks I can change it.

I was suprised that it really didn't hurt that bad. It hurt worse when I got my ears peirced at the mall. Needles are SO much better than those stupid peircing guns! I have to clean it with this specail soap they gave me 5-6 times a day.

Anyways, now I have 3 peircings in each ear, plus the eyebrow. I plan to get my tongue and nose peirced next.

Tell me about your peircings.
As one of the few males on this site, I do have an earring. But it is in my left ear. The reason that I mention this is that before that great entertainer George Carlin died, he did one of his funniest of all presentations on which ear you should have pierced if your were a male. And I took his advice!
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I've had my ears pierced since I was about 12, and I had my tongue done 9 years ago after thinking about it for a few years. It took me a while to want to get it done because I happened to be doing research about piercings (which weren't quite mainstream yet), and saw the needle used. I about died when I saw it! But when I had it done, it wasn't quite as bad as I had anticipated it being. By the time it honestly hurt, it was over with. I'm probably not going to get anymore piercings, but I'd so love to add to my tattoo collection one of these days. :-)
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2 in both ears & my tongue, but my ears are closed up for years... I tried my best several years ago to cram earrings in for my wedding... all I got was pink lobes
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