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New Tortoise

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She's a Red-Foot! I named her " Cherry "

She's about the size of the palm of my head. Her previous owners had no idea what they are doing so I am going to have to nurse her back to health some. She sure is pretty and look at that green mouth from eating hehe
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aww! cute!
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awww she is lush
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I love turtles. We have a lot of them around here and I am constantly picking them out of the road.
She is a very pretty girl. I have never seen one colored like that.
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Awwww she is pretty. I really love her coloring. I hope she gets healthy really soon.
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Yea, her coloring is really cool I saw her and went, I WANT! lol. When I got her I could have turned her down due to her health but I just paid when they wanted and took her home...

Her shell is a little thin/soft and she hardly has any weight to her, but give her a few weeks and she'll be doing great. They hardly put her in natural sun light - Poor thing... This was the same shape our Sulcata's we got for free a few weeks ago were. You'd never know it now. They are heavy and doing well!
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Take her to a herp vet. Some vitamin shots and a fecal check could probably really help her. Make sure she gets plenty of high fiber lower protein foods - it looks like they might have relied on commercial stuff too much as she's starting to pyramid a bit.

With a vet check and proper care she should be right on track. Have you seen the turtle and tortoise threads on here? Sharky and I went back and forth a bit on tortoise discussion. I haven't re-bookmarked a lot of the links posted in those threads yet, but there's a lot of good sites linked - including some sites that list herp vets.
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No, no pyramiding at all, actually... just soft and really light in weight. I took her outside for the past two days and she just loves it. She chomps on the grass and walks all over. She isnt scared of the bigger torts running around, or the dogs! lol.. Friendly booger. My dogs just go up and sniff like... " another walking rock???!!!? : hehe.

Thanks for the advice - Will do my best!
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I've always loved turtles. She sure is a beauty!
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Originally Posted by MommysMeows View Post
No, no pyramiding at all, actually... just soft and really light in weight.
I can see a bit of it on the scutes. It's really so subtle, though, that you can easily correct it. A few of my baby turtles have very subtle pyramiding like that, but it's no fault of mine - I put them outside and they proved to be very proficient at catching insects in their pens. They'll wear it off being outside and growing.

Making sure she has outside time (preferably a pen in warm weather) will let her dig, crawl, and rub around on stuff that will smooth her out eventually, too. It'll also let her graze if you have a good grass for her.

I hope you post some updates of her in the future - with how much weight she's gained.

Do you have a scale? If you plan on taking in reptiles like this that aren't in perfect health you'll need to get one so you can keep track of how well they're improving. Weighing weekly will help you spot health problems, too. Since your tortoises will eventually get heavy you'll need a scale that goes up fairly high, but for now one that goes to 15lbs should do it. And that type could be used for cats, too!

I'm not surprised that none of the animals show your tortoise much attention. Around here the wild box turtles run all over the place. I caught one eating some dry cat food I put down for a neighbor's cat over the summer (the cat looked like it could really use extra meals ), the cat didn't seem to care that the turtle had tucked in beside him.
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Yeah. About a month ago we rescued 3 baby Sulcata's no bigger than a fist. They were really really bad off. Took them in, got them checked. They were all had bad pyramids on them... Since we've had them they have gotten SO much better! Already rounding out, getting heavy, etc. They have my entire back yard. Part grass, veg, part dirt, and a drinking hole.

When we got them, the owners had them in a small 20 gal aquarium, all 3 of them. They had no room to walk because they had dishes, and a huge log. They had no lighting or anything! I dunno why people get Torts/Turtles if they have no idea what they are doing! They also had WATER turtles we took. They never saw day light either and the baby of them all has a shell that is turned UP, rather than down. Ughh..

Either way, ALL of them are doing well. The water turtles are now out-door eating quality food, have a large pond to swim in and land to bask. There were 6 of them.

We currently have as far as Turtles/Torts go:

6 rescued water turtles
2 baby Sulcata's ( 3rd I Gave one to a friend who knows how to care for them )
1 Large ( foot ball sized ) Sulcata
1 Leopard Tortoise who is full grown
2 Ornate box turtles
1 red foot
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I am glad you are giving Cherry a good home.
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She is so cute!
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I am glad you are giving Cherry a good home.

Thank you I appreciate that. & Thanks everyone else!!!
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She is very cute. i love the coloring, i wish ours had it!!!
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Aww!! Im glad you took Cherry in She is pretty!!
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Oh my goodness too cute!

How big will she get?
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red s can get up to 14 inches most are about 10
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