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It's that time of year again

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The tribe is displeased with me. They are only allowed in their outdoor enclosure during the daylight, and only when I'm at home until after Halloween is over. I've never had any trouble with the kids in this area, but I won't put it past anyone to think a cat like Mischief or Sassy would work for some kind of twisted prank.

So, they are on house restriction. But they're not happy
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Awww hopefully they know its for their safety.
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Some of my cats feel the same way.

Bakker is only allowed out when we are home and has to be in at least an hour before dusk.
He likes to hide in plain sight and I'm I run around the yard screaming like a lunatic for him while going by him a million times!!

Since it does get darker earlier and colder Bobs will be in more but still stands back by the door-so I let her stew in the garage for a while.

With deer hunting season coming up they are confined even more.
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Yep from tomorrow all of our black cats in the shelter go on hold until after halloween
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Yep, same here.

Mistoflees can't go out all night anymore right now (he's all black too).
On Halloween, he's just pathetic. He gets scared when it's more than us, so all he does that night is go upstairs and hide under one of the beds all night.

Oh well. I'd rather have him safe inside, than outside with some strange person who might want to harm a black cat.
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It makes me really sad that people have to confine their kitties because some psycho may decide to do something cruel to them.
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that is sad that people have to be so stupid and cruel. Im glad you are thinking of their saftey.
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I remember some kids spray painted a black kitty one halloween. I dont have a black kitty anymore, but I am still very cautious with them anyway. There are so many cruel heartless people in this world. I dont mind innocent pranks, but they should never be done to animals.
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Awww...what a cute crew; I'd keep 'em inside too at this time of year!!!
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Originally Posted by SkyeCat0117 View Post
It makes me really sad that people have to confine their kitties because some psycho may decide to do something cruel to them.
It makes me sad too. I always keep my kitties indoors, but this thread reminds me to take extra extra precaution to make sure no one darts out when I open the door.

I looooove Halloween, this is the only downside to it though!
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When I lived on the farm, I had a black cat that went in and out. I always kept her inside starting about a week before Halloween. One year on the day I was going to bring her inside for that season, she disappeared. As friendly as she was, she would walk up to strangers for loving. I will never forgive myself for what probably happened to her, nor can I face the thought of what might have happened to her. It tears me up just thinking about it.

So everyone is very wise to start keeping your cats, particularly black cats, inside this time of year. There are sick people out there.

Thanks for the public reminder Mike!
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Nero isn't allowed outside unless on his harness, but we've been making sure he hasn't tried to sneak through the screens anymore, and keep an eye on him even more right now. Even the vet was saying to him "better make sure your mommy and daddy keep you inside so nothing happens to you on Halloween". We already knew that of course, but everyone is worried about our lil' boy!

There will be no going out on the harness and leash around that time either, in case he manages to escape somehow (which has never happened, but I'd rather not let it happen then!)
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Mike you've done the right thing with so many idiots around
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Ugh... That is why except for the rare Vincent Price movies on the telly that I hate Holloween.
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I like Halloween, but the pranksters are the downside.
Fortunately we live in a nice neighborhood where people look out for each other and their property. And all my kitties are indoors only so I don't have to worry about anyone doing bad things to my Neffie or any of the others.
During the trick or treating time, All the girls hide when the doorbell rings, and the boys are confined to the livingroom so noone gets outside.
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