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Autumn's Halloween Excursion

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We have a "Howl-o-ween Pawty" at the shelter tomorrow and our photo room is really cute so I brought Autumn by tonight after hours to take her photo in there as she will be our mascot to show people what kind of photos they can get in there

She had kisses and hugs for everyone at the shelter they were seeing the difference in her

and waiting for me to put on her costume

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I can't believe she let you put a costume on her!! It's hard to imagine this is the same kitty....
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how adorable!!!! she really has blossomed into a beautiful, sweet little girl
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Awwwwwww what a difference you can see in your little girl!
She is beautiful!!
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I know and she behaved the whole time, didn't hide and no hissing.

She does have her leg out of the costume in one of the pics though

The other staff loved seeing her and she was all snuggly and cute around them - an amazing change from when I took her home last year
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What a pretty girl she is! I especially like the 4th pic down.
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Oh my, Autumn is so gorgeous! These are great piccies!
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I just love the photos! The colors look so bright and nice!
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What a good girl! I wish my crew was that well behaved
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she is a natural infront of the camera, what a little star!
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Awwwww Autumn
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Awww soo cute!
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