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Look at what the Dixie Chicks are up to now

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Check this out!
Do you agree or disagree with what they are doing?
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I think that its in poor taste. They may get some of their male fans back.

Personally, I think that they are just plain tacky.
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If nothing else it's going to put them further apart from the people who made them successful in the first place. Their careers are all but over, and Natalie saying she's sorry now only says to me that she's sorry for all the backlash that happened.

Know what girls? Madonna's catching it for her anti-war views and opinions too. Her website is getting hacked almost daily. She's been around a lot longer than the Dixie Chicks, and if she's catching heat for it, you're finished.
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Posing nude certainly does not lend credibility to their words. I am embarassed for them and on behalf of all women.
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I agree it is tacky!And stupid.
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I have never liked them, so I could care less if anyone ever plays or buys any more of their pop country crap. I found their first hit to be quite offensive, and was very disappointed in the so called country music fans that they would find spousal abusive and murder amusing. I found their recent remarks to be rude, disrespectful, and unpatriotic. I don't see how they think that the American people are so gullible that we would believe they didn't mean it. I hope their music career is ruined. With all that double talk, they should be politicians. Maybe one of them could run on the democratic liberal socialist ticket with Hilary Clinton in the next Presidential election. If that doesn't work, maybe Larry Flynt can use them.
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I think the whole business doesn't deserve all the attention it has been getting.
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I agree that what Natalie said was rude and unexcuseable I find it most offensive that she said what she said in another country. After watching the special last night, I feel that she is the type of person who does not think before she talks. This type of person will always stick their foot in their mouth. They are naive to think that people don't have a right not to buy their music anymore.

On the other hand, I think it has been blown way out of the water. I am conservative in my political beliefs, but I allow other people to disagree with me. I think the death threats are ridiculous. This is America, free speech is one of our rights. I hope they have learned to think before they speak.
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I think that all of the hype has gone to their heads and they've forgotten where they came from. Most country singers grew up poor or in middle-class working families and that's their fan base.
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IMO - I can't see why they can't be allowed their own opinion. Bruce Springstein even supports them on his website, saying he is proud they are making use of their freedom of speech. Agree or disagree with them, they have the right to say it. They also have the right to pose nude.
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I don't understand why people are so mad about one of them stating her opinion. One of the most important rights we have as Americans is the right to speak out and to share our ideas! Why is it okay for the pro-war folks to say they support the war but it is not okay for the anti-war folks to say that they oppose the war?

If we are allowed to say only what supports the current administration how are we any different from the countries we consider to be oppressive? I think it is down-right wrong for people who say they believe in the constitution to call the Dixie Chicks traitors when all they did was to speak their minds. What can possibly be wrong with that?!
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
Maybe one of them could run on the democratic liberal socialist ticket with Hilary Clinton in the next Presidential election.
I think Hilary could do a better job than most of the people running for office...IMO!
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Perhaps I missed something, I don't see anyone saying that they didn't have the RIGHT to speak their minds or voice their opinions, or that they can't pose nude. I agree, the death threats are ridiculous, but if their fan base decides not to buy their records or go to their shows because they disagree that is THEIR right and freedom.

Regardless of what their views are, being public figures such as they are they need to take that into consideration before opening their mouths. They alienated their fan base with those comments, like it or not. Most Country Music fans are also fanatical patriots who will stand by their country and President right or wrong. Did Natalie have the RIGHT to say what she did? - definitely. Will it destroy their career? - probably. This isn't a one side is right, the other is wrong issue. Both sides are using their own freedom of expression. None of the Dixie Chicks are going to jail because of what they said.
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No one said that they could not state their opinion. The American people have the same right to disagree with them, say so, and discontinue buying the insipid noise they make. I think if this dimwit runs off at the mouth, she should be ready to accept the consequences. She would have been better off just saying that was her opinion, and she stands by it, than trying to weasel out of it when she saw it was unpopular.
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You could tell by her interview last night that she really wanted to say that's my opinion and I have a right to it. However, she knew she couldn't because of the ramifications. She did say she was not going to apologize for who she was. They also wanted to blame Bush for not being sympathetic to all people's opinions. I thought to myself - no matter what you thought about the war, there was no way that we had the same information that he had. Also, I noticed they didn't say anything against Tony Blair.
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What I did a very poor job of saying is that I don't understand why people who love their music would respond this way when all she did was say what she believed in. Would you stop liking a friend or family member if they were anitwar? Why can't we just agree to disagree rather than punishing those who believe differently than ourselves?

There are CEOs of certain national companies who have political beliefs that are very, very strongly against what I believe. Do I boycot their products? No! because these CEOs have the right to their beliefs, just like I have a right to mine. I won't boycot something based solely on political beliefs unless these beliefs are harmful (such as racism or promoting violence against women).
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That is so tacky! I can't belive they would do that! They're in it for the money!
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OMG. I agree with the fact that they have a right to say what they think but this picture is going too far. They were on the right track before, the whole controversy was beginning to subside. But now, it has been re-hashed on their own accord.
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This is a wonderful country! ANYBODY is free to make fools of themselves and hold themselves up to public ridicule, all in the name of publicity, even when that publicity comes back and bites them on the butt.
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Cindy, you're a hoot!
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Originally posted by katl8e
ANYBODY is free to make fools of themselves and hold themselves up to public ridicule, all in the name of publicity, even when that publicity comes back and bites them on the butt. will be easy to bite 'em on the butt 'cause thay ain't wearin' any britches!
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Hopefully the Dixie Chicks have learned a lesson from all of this. This reminds me of the big flap back in the 60's when John Lennon said that "The Beatles are more popular than God". They survived that slip of the tongue and by the attendance and crowd reaction at the Dixie Chicks concert in S.C. last night (May 1) they will survive too.
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