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T.G.I.F. Daily Thread for Oct 17th

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Morning All!!!

Sunny but very chilly here this morning, lots of frost all over the place.

Looks like I am the first one here this morning..

Not much planned for the day, just puttering around the house this morning then a library trip this afternoon. I also have to stop by my aunts to pick up a couple of baking items she made for my freezer.
My aunt is like the community baker for the family whenever she makes anything she always makes several extra to give away. I have some chili in the freezer so I will take a couple of containers of that to her as a trade.

The kitties are good this morning, they are watching the neighbor who is cutting up a tree the wind blow down in his yard. They don't really like the sound of the chainsaw but curiosity has gotten the better of them.

Everybody have a great one
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Hi all! ;wavey:
Nice morning here too, though a little cool.
My kitties are crashed out on the bed after a hard morning of doing nothing. It's a tough life!
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It was a frosty morning here too!

Neil took the day off to get more work done on our ceiling. Have to do my decorative drywall joint technique and I'm going to speed dry it with a hair dryer.

I am washing the wool sweaters -some felted nicely and would you believe I washed cashmere sweaters in super hot water and dried them and they barely shrunk!!

Gardening in the works too!!

Have a good one!!
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One more hour then i've finished for the day I'll pop into town on the way home, then home to the babies and back on here
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Just wishing to all of you that replied in this marvellous thread have a nice and lovely Friday!...
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Good morning (Maybe I should say afternoon .. it will be in 5 minutes!)

Little chilly out this morning, but should be getting to around 83º today. (And then 63º and 67º on Saturday and Sunday, wooo! No more 90º!) It's been less humid lately too

I'm severely bored at work right now. There's not much to do right now for some strange reason. I have 3 soil samples to weigh up, and I'm done for the day. All of that takes maybe 1 hour total, including putting them on the hot block for prep and taking them off again! I have to be here til about 4pm today, so that's gonna be killer. Rob should be here in a few minutes to get me for lunch

Tonight is bowling for us, hopefully we'll do good. The day hasn't been going so well so far! Horrible dreams last night, pounding headache and sore throat this morning when I woke up, very tired, and my poor goldfish died after 6 days For some reason I just cant keep darn goldfish! Being bored at work isn't helping my day, and the headache is lingering thanks to a really smelly PCB sample. My friend says she is going to smuggle a bottle of Malibu coconut rum into the bowling alley tonight cuz we'll need it

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be going to the gun range!
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It's a beautiful morning here so far but it's gunna warm up at least to the mid 90's.

I decided to take the day off work. My step-dad went to the hospital yesterday afternoon complaining about his heart hurting and he couldn't breathe right. They ran a few simple tests and sent him home claiming they didn't see anything wrong with him . Yet when I saw him last night even I could tell he wasn't ok. So I'm going to hang around my parents house today and try to help them out in any way today.

Skye is napping peacefully after running like a wild animal at 5am.

Enjoy your Friday TCS.
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