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I've got some questions...

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ok, I've got some questions about my mommy cat and her babies...

1) Turtle is our first-born, and she's bigger than Tag. She's rounder, and long-haired, while Sasha and Tag are short-haired. When she sits down, or tries to stand, her back legs are splayed out to the side. She would shimmy along on her tummy, more than walk. That's why we call her Turtle. She's much better now, but her back legs are still slightly turned out. Is this ok? we suspect it may have something to do with her weight, she's a tad chubby. will she be ok?

2) Sasha has been a pretty good mom, but she's not very gentle with the babies sometimes. She will sometimes grab a kitten with her paws, pull it into her, and bite it on the throat. It's not the back of the neck, but the actual throat. Is that normal, or should we be worried?

3) I've heard lots of different things, but when is the best time to start box-training and weaning the babies? They're four weeks old now.

thank you!
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They are of the age now that they should go in for their first vet check. All the vet will do at this stage of the game is a fecal exam, but it sounds to me like turtle might have worms (a common problem in newborn kitties) your vet, since he can see the kitties, can answer all your questions and assess your cats health.
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