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I must be getting old.

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yea, so i had a tooth pulled and a root canal at 5pm , big deal.
but cant seem to shake off the stuff they used to put me to sleep with.
i was planning to go to work tonight.

but i think sitting here and watching TV sounds like a better plan.

ghosts of gettysburg

yep i am getting old
oh by the way, the hair on my head hurts, which is really good cause i dont have any hair on my head.
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Oh Bruce, take the night off and sleep it off. Did they put you completely under, or just novacaine (or whatever they use)? Novacaine alone will kick my butt and I'm basically useless for at least 24 hours. It doesn't mean you're getting old (heaven forbid!) it just means that your body needs time to recover right now. Snuggle down on the couch with your kitties, watch TV and we'll see you tomorrow.
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^They usually use lidocaine now unless for some reason you cannot have that. I get mepivacaine (no epinephrine). Depending on how you look at it, fortunately/unfortunately that fades pretty quickly as there's no epi to help hold it in place. Past experience with lidocaine was the same way, though. I think I need to eventually get some drug metabolizing testing in the future...

I agree, though. You had a lot done and deserve to take the night off. If they did put you fully under you could be feeling so bad because you're diabetic - that tends to really mix things up more. Were you not given any pain meds? or are you just toughing it out because you have work?
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They have to put me out, 2 reasons,
pain killers have very little effect on me,
and i hate dentist, (with a passion) i cant stand people in my face like that.
that is the only way that i can see a dentist.

yea they gave me stuff, but no sense in taking it, i have sttuff that is way stronger for my back problem,

just sitting here wathing movies on netflix, with one eye
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Have you been diagnosed with TMJ? My dentist informed me that people who tend to end up with broken teeth, root canals, etc. often, typically have bad TMJ.

Either way, hope you feel better!!!
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naw, my broken tooth came from the old style fillings that where used,
they expanded and contracted based on the weather , that was what did it.

along with the fact i hate going to the tooth doctor lol
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I just have to say, I love your avatar! That toothy grin seems kinda perfect for this thread I hope you are feeling better today
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