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I went a little camera happy today! Enjoy!

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GORGEOUS!!! You have a lovely kitty family Laura!
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What a beautiful family of cats!!! I love the little orange guy!!!
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Oh my what marvelous kitties!
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Awww. They're sooo cute.
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Thank you I just adore my babies!
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Ok I couldn't resist. I just took these They must be all tuckered out from the photo shoot !

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What beautful cat's!
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What beauties!!! Thanks for sharing!
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I love them! I just want to squeeze your kitties... they're so cute! I love in the last picture how Thomas has his paw over his eyes...
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You have very beautiful cats, Laura!
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How adorable, what handsome guys! I love where Thomas is just crashed out on the bed. Looks like some of the positions my guys get into!
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Awwwwwww - what beauties!
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awwwwwww what pretty kitties!!!!!
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AWW!! So very precious!!!
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Very cute kitties .
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They are all beautiful, but I especially love your Snowshoe!
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They are all very pretty. I like the picture of all of them on the bed. They look so comfy!
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AAAAAWWWWWWWWWW..........I kitty clusters!
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You have breathtakingly beautiful cats! It seems the only time my cats sleep is when I'm asleep. Any other time they're fighting over who gets to sit in mommy's lap or running around the house like a bunch o' wild maniacs.

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Thanks for all the great compliments everyone! (I do love to hear how pretty my little guys are) That's my kitty family!
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Laura - you have gorgeous kitties! Give them kisses for me!!!
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GORGEOUS Pictures , I seeing everyones bundles o' fluff at once , Well Done
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They are so beautyful! I really love them, esecially the one where they are 3 on the bed.
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Gorgeous kitties you have, Laura!! VERY gorgeous indeed! i am very fond of tabby kitties! i wonder how i missed this thread?

Laura, thanks so much for helping me out with merging pix. i successfully did some today. Very subtle postings, but i did it.. thanks to you and Michelle!!

Take care all!

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