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Would everyone mind reading this please?

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Recently a new rule has been implemented dealing with the posting of commercial websites within the main body of your posts. It is acceptable to put anything you wish in the signature line of the post. But in the main thread, commerical links that have to do with what YOU sell are prohibited. There is a Feed the Animals Link which is acceptable, because it does not sell anything. It is just a way for many to help feed the rescued critters.

Please don't use this thread to argue the rule. There are not that many rules to follow here. This is just to let you know of the most recent one added. Really, no responses would be preferred.

Here is the rule: It is #8 on the list.

Regarding promotions of your websites or businesses in general. No commercial solicitation of products is allowed in main threads. If you wish to post a link to your website/business in the signature line, that is acceptable. Posting of contests not sanctioned by TheCatsite.com is prohibited. TheCatsite runs it's own contests every month. If you are interested in being the sponsor for one of these contests, please contact maryanne@thecatsite.com . Otherwise, only signature links are allowed. Any posts that contain promotions in the body of the thread will be removed promptly
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Guess I better clarify this. This means any website where if someone visits, you could profit financially from this visit. It does not mean links to products that are good for cats or informational links of websites. Just any website that you yourself are involved with that is commercial.

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Oh, okay.. it is duly noted and read...

Smiles and Cheers!
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Can I just check to clarify one thing . . .

A number of members post craft items they make and sell - does that include these types of sites? I know I have a business website, but it is purely commercial and does not sell and personally-made stuff - it's not really relevant to TCS or to any services anyone would want to buy here so I don't promote it, but what about those that have a hobby that has turned into a small business and they're proud and want to show off what they've made?

Also - is it permitted to talk about one's hobby (and also small business) in a post, and then refer readers to the link in a signature or is this still seen as promoting one's business?

What I'm trying to say is (example), Mary Anne, if you have a particularly lovely item of scrimming you've done and you'd like to show us - as you've done in the past, is that still permitted bearing in mind it is actually your business too?

I ask because I love seeing all these beautiful items members make, but I do understand what you mean about soliciting for business on TCS.
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Good question Yola! I don't know the answer, but hopefully my wondering too will bump this up the line, and maybe someone who knows the answer will post...

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Granted Yola, in the past I have broken this rule many times. But honestly I have not profitted from showing my scrim. No one has ever ordered any. But this is a NEW rule recently put up- and Anne and I are working on something to help appease everyone in regards to this, but it is just in the planning stages right now. I am always grateful to see crafts that other people have done, because creativity is a beautiful thing. We were just trying to stop the commercialism from taking over the forums- things like outside contests not sanctioned from TCS etc, and promoting your own commercial business.
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..but I don't think posting pics of the scrim violates the rule, does it? Especially when asking for opinions of the work...

I'm unclear about the answer Mary Anne... does this mean people can post pics of their work if they're not soliciting business but they just want to share or ask for opinions of finished work or work in progress? Or would that be like using TCS for test marketing? I know it's a gray area, and I hate to be a nudge... but I've really enjoyed seeing people's work here too, so I just want to make sure I understand... (besides, I can't seem to get away from being an ANALyst! )
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Can we just put this conversation on hold for awhile- as I said, we are working on a way to appease people in regards to this. Posting pictures of your crafts is not considered commercialism. Posting websites where you sell the craft is, as well as posting links to contests you are running from another website, that is not sanctioned by TCS to begin with.
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