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Do you 'Hang out' with your cat?

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I thought it would be interesting to hear what people do when they hang with their kitties.

Here's what I do,

- Put some slow relaxing music on; i like ambient
- Have a serving of red wine (Only if you already drink and are at least 21 years of age)
- Lay on my bed, relax my body
- Enter a chat room on the computer and listen, or just daydream
- Watch time go by

...and of course give Amy all the attention she wants!
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I hang out with my cats!!!! I have one who is an attention hog and wants to play all day! She walks on the computer, butts heads with me and drags her toys to me all day long when I am not at work... Maybe it's the other way around she hangs out with me
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Well here's what I do in my spare time:
#1: Play/cuddle with the kitties
#2: Play/listen to/write music
#3: Check out TCS (usually with 2 or 3 cats in my lap)

And that's about it, at least in the winter time.
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When I am reading I generally lay down either on the couch or my bed. This is like a cat magnet. I usually end up with Sassy's head resting on my arm. Linus plastered to my side and Pixie stretched out across my feet. More often then not we all end up having a short nap as well.
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When I still had a cat I did hang out with her and I would like to have another cat soon and I wish I had my own place so I could steal my sister's neighbor's cat I would definately steal her she is so sweet. I still hang out with my dog but then again she is a velcro dog and when my Tavia was alive all she wanted was me.
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I'm just guessin' but I'd think this constitutes "hangin' out"!

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thats how I spend my days that I'm not at school, I sit and study or get on the computer, and Mai Sai will either curl up next to me, play on the floor with a toy, try to sit on the keyboard (you have no idea how many messages were spent to friends of "ssssssssggggggeeeeddddd" ) or start chewing on it.
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When I'm on the computer, my kitties love to crawl all over me, which isn't too much of an issue, unless I'm trying to type! i will also just sit on the floor with them and let them crawl all over me...eventually atleast 2 of them will fall asleep on me.

One of my kitties loves to come to work with me and walks around for a while, before taking a perch in her kitty basket that is on top of one of the kennel set ups...she then snoozes between watching the goings on all day; never have had a cat like Latifah; watches cars when we are traveling, goes for walks, enjoys new adventures...Lol!

I do like to come out at night, and I just hang out with the cats while they are lounging on their tree, or on the hallway floor...I think that's my favorite times with them cause it's so quiet, the cats are so calm, and they are 'chilly'...for some reason, I love the feel of cold kitty fur, ears, and noses...
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Nero likes to lay with me while I'm reading He'll either get up on my chest or curl against my side. If he wants to be the center of attention, he'll plop right on my book

He also loves to lay in Rob's lap while he's on the computer. He'll do a running leap into his lap and run up to his face, rub it a bit, then curl up and nap.

Katina on the other hand could care less about spending time with us unless we are playing with her and have Nero locked up somewhere (and he never is locked up anywhere )

I consider reading/surfing the net with Nero hanging out! When we're not playing with him, of course.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
When I am reading I generally lay down either on the couch or my bed. This is like a cat magnet.
love that! and it is so true!

i like to play with my boys for some 'chill out' time or lay on the bed with tabitha dribbling on me! whatever i do it almost always involves a cat!
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Both of mine love to 'play' video games. If you're on the couch, You'll get one on either side batting the controller. Cotton also loves to lay with me and play DS. He'll watch the screen and if I pus for a moment he'll poke it. I guess he's letting me know it's his turn.

If you lay down to read in my house you have about 5 minutes max before you accumulate a cat or two - Freya especially likes to lay behind knees. She also enjoys watching my two favourite fluff shows on Saturday night with me. She'll come running the minute the title music starts and curl up on the couch to watch.
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