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Okay, 2 things to share. I am so happy to say, Frodo is doing great.
He has made the step to being picked up!! The first few times he went ridgid with fear and/or struggled. Now he lets me and hangs there till I put him down. Once or twice he's purred when he felt me scratch his chinny!!

He's LEARNING!! Yayy. Also, he was outside 2 nights ago, and then
when I came down in the am? He was INSIDE .. he must have used
the pet door to come in!!! Wowwwser. Big progress...

Next, I am thrilled I've found a lady to help me feed the ferals at Carradoc!

YES!!! I have been faithfully going out to feed them every single blessed
day for 1.5 years now, since I took them on as a "project" last April.

No one helped, and it was hard when I had to go on vacations. Now I have someone there to help M to Friday!! YES!! My babies can be fed when I am not able to get there!!!

Sadly she gave me some alarming news though. They are surveying right near the pond and shed where the cats live. She thinks that they MAY be moving the entrance to the hotel to that spot! NOOOOOO. Please pray this is not so and they aren't surveying it to move the entrance but instead to assess the stormwater run off holding capcity of the pond??

These kits that were born there live there and know no other place.

I don't know how I'll move them to another place on the property... though I've identified (1) place to move their shelters and food to that
is also on the property. It isn't as nice or sheltered however,
and it will depend entirely on where the construction takes place.

There is massive construction across the major road there, a new shopping center going in, and they can no longer go across the road under the sewers to that spot that they used to go to shelter in winter.

I'm very worried about what to do.... where to move and how to move them.
Suggestions anyone? Should I start moving them now, or wait till I find out more about the plans to do construction near there???

Winter coming, so its a bad time to be trying to move them elsewhere.
I'd prefer summer time

Anyway prayers they aren't moving the entrance! And if they are that we
find good quite sheltered spot to move them to and that they ALL move there with me...

These poor kitties need