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Look at this poor baby!

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This is Natasha, she was found in a poor section of Israel and saved by a rescuer from CWSI. She has since been liberated from her glass collar and spayed.
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Poor little angel. My heart breaks to see the cruel things some people will do to animals. Sometimes I have to avoid reading certain articles and pictures because I'm so upset and disturbed. I know that I need to see things as they really are, but I cry and cry when I see things like this.
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Poor baby! That is so awful how people can be so terrible! I am so happy that she was found!
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Poor baby! I hope it was just an accident that her head is inside the jar! I'm sure she will find a good home soon!
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Sadly this happens to many wild and domestic animals. One of the worst offenders is the Yoplait yogurt cup because it is tapered toward the top. It is easy for the animal to get its head into the cup, but impossible to pull the head out of the cup, so the animal wonders blindly with its head in the cup until it is killed or dies of starvation.

Also, six-pack plastic rings that hold soda cans together strangle to death thousands of birds and other critters each year. Anything circular that a head can get into can be lethal for an animal who lacks the hands (or smarts) to pull the container off.

Seeing this poor kitten is so sad and horrifying. It is just one more reason never to litter and to think twice about how we discard our trash. Always crush your yogurt cups and clip the six-pack rings so animals are harmed if they stumble across what you have discarded.
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I agree Renae. During the Exxon Valdez oil spill, I volunteered at the Otter Recovery Center in Seward. I worked in ICU and saw many otters and seals and puffins brought in with plastic rings secured around their neck and legs. It made quite an impression and to this day, I cut every ring in half before I discard it. I also saw a lot of mammals who had surgery and pieces of mylar balloons were found in their stomachs. I used to love to release those balloons into the air, but I don't do it anymore.
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Awwwww that's so cruel I'm so glad she was found I hope she finds a good hope.. She's gorgeous
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Here she is liberated!
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Makes me want to cry! Im so glad she was rescued though! Hope she has a happy life after what she has been through. It's so heartbreaking to see some of the horrible things that animals go through.
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That poor kitty!!!! I hope she will go to a good loving home!!!

One of my co-workers was leaving her house to go to work last year when she felt her foot brush against something. It turned out to be her own cat with it's head stuck inside a peanut butter jar!! The lady tried to catch her cat but it ran off. A few days later she was able to catch her cat, and another person helped her get the jar off. As soon as the cat was freed, it ran off again, and hasn't been seen since. The lady lives on a farm and had felt it was safe to allow her cat to go outside.
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Poor baby! That's so awful! I hope she goes home to someone who will take good care of her and love her!
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awwwwwwww that poor baby!!! what a pretty kitty!
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What a sweet baby. Thank goodness there was someone kind enough to find her and get her the help she needed.
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I'm so glad Natasha was given a chance to have a happy life. I hope she finds a wonderful home - she's a sweetie.
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Awww the poor sweetheart!
Bless the rescuers!
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