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The much-awaited Simon and Zissou Introduction!

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After a bit of hullabaloo and a couple non-starters, Zissou and Simon are fully introduced and together most of the day unless nobody is home (one of us usually is).

There have been a few squabbles, but nothing major.

Simon walks around whirring and meowing whenever he isn't within sight of Zissou, and last night they both slept on the bed (four is kind of a crowd )

Currently, they're both sleeping.

So here are your pics!

Sorry about that pic... it was their 'breakthrough', the first time they were so close and happy about it. I'm studying for my praxis.

Zissou claiming the scratcher as her own, even though she doesn't look like she's using it

My window! MINE!

*sniiiiiiiif* Mmmm catbutt! I think I'll sit here!

Yep, we're friends, I think!

PLAY! C'mon, Zissou! Play with me! I'm your baby brother!
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Awww! That seemed to go rather well!
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Aww, good for them!
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Oh wow Zissou is doing really good with her new little brother. What a sweetie she is.
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so far so good
its been a over year, and heyu still wont share space with eazy
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Julie, that is so fantastic that you adopted Simon and he and Zissou are already getting along so well! It took about a year before Trent would accept his first little sister (Ginger), and Ophelia still hates all of the little girls.

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Isn't it awesome when things go so well? I'm so glad they're getting along!
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I am SO glad things have gone so well!

When our kitties were younger and we had a lot of fosters moving in and out, they were all great about new kitties - and every pic we have of our gang is almost always one snuggling or playing with another. Once we moved into a house and got settled and couldn't foster anymore because of one of our kitty's health, they all spread out - no more snugglies.

...So I'm really glad Zissou decided she likes Simon! Sounds (and looks like) they're already great pals.

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Oh good to see the introductions going so well!
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Glad they are becoming friends!

I went through that too recently. It is such a relief when they finally accept each other and you dont have to watch them every minute anymnore!
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