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Throwing up after eating

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I have two cats. I had to switch their food from Fancy Feast canned food to Purina UR because one of my cats has crystals. The vet said it would be ok to feed them both the UR. They've been on it for about a month. The one cat that doesn't "need" it has been throwing up after eating for the past few days. He doesn't act sick or like he doesn't feel well at all. I have noticed that he is a very fast eater. In the past he's had a sensitive stomach, often getting diarrhea after switching foods. Occasionally he vomits but not this often. I'm a bit worried. Should I switch him back to the Fancy Feast or does this warrant a call to the vet? He's due for a checkup anyway but the vet will have to come to the house as he freaks out at the vet and is unapproachable. What should I do?
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It is probably from eating too fast. I would never tell someone to NOT check with their vet. Especially if you have a feeling something could be off. But give a try putting food on a plate instead of a bowl, this may slow him down. Also if you can somehow get the plate raised up so he doesn't have his head bent to eat may help also.
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Raising the food up on a small platform will force them to eat more slowly. Eating fast is one reason why a cat will vomit after eating. Even if you decide to take your baby to a vet, it's worth trying this.
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Sounds like he eats to fast also.
My cats try to steal Coco's Purina Urinary and they wil eat it very fast also if they get the chance.
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