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My cats

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Never mind I still can't post pics here and I can't delete this!
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You can upload your pictures into or a similar site, then copy and paste the [IMG].....[/IMG] link in here. Try it out and see!
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I figured out that I can access my photobucket account and post pics through Internet explorer but not Firefox. So here are my cats!

This is Pudge, 3yr old siamese weighing in at 3.6lbs, she is my mini kitty!

Weeble Wobbler, 3yr old siamese male. Pudge's littermate!

Tobi 6yr old Siamese x scaredy cat! She is always hiding from people!

Theo 5yr old siamese x! My fatty cat!

Jack 6yr old siamese x partially deaf female.

Mardy Bum aka Smarty 3month old ASH female

Eddi @ 9weeks old maine coon x barn cat

Patsy @ 9weeks old maine coon x barn cat hissing at my pig Pickles
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Awwwww! What lovely kitties - Pudge aka tiny!
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Hey as a kitten Pudge looked like a grapefruit with a head and legs hence the name!!LOL! Only now is she a tiny mini kitty. My parents call her Smudge since she sticks to me like a little stain. When I am home she is my shadow and when I'm not she sits by the back door.
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You've got some great cats! Mardy Bum looks a lot like my Wilbur without his white highlihgts.

And Patsy, hah i love kittens when they get that halloween stance and their little hair stands up. I keep trying to get a picture of my fosters doing it but it doesn't last long enough
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Great bunch of cats! I love how Jack is a girl.

Pudges eyes are unbelievable!
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You have beautiful cats there.
I love how Jack is a female, too
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