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The Daily Thread October 16th, 2008

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Hello All!!,

Waking up to another crisp fall day. Temps right now about 35F. Its looking to be sunny too!

Already this morning I've primed some crown moulding and put coat#2 of joint compound on the last grid area. Hopefully I can prime that spot tomorrow and get that ready for hanging boards Sunday. Alot of prep for such a little area.

Stopped at a carpet store to check out whats out there in the world of carpeting-Yikes!! Many selections and its going to be pricey to re-carpet!
It could run $3000!!! I want to get a new sofa and we have to replace the window blinds too. The joys of remodeling.

Once the temps reach 40F or 9 am I'll head out to clients homes. A couple of errands after that then trying a new recipe for dinner tonite.

Grizzlie and Bakker are in the living room with me and Bobs upstairs -she doesn't stay outside long in cooler weather.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny a 11C here this morning which is certainly nice for this time of year.

Just puttering around the house this morning, tidied up my bedroom and sorted out some of my summer clothes for storage. Have to take my winter coat over to the dry cleaners later today and from the looks of my boots I think a new pair will be in order for this year. My last pair made it throw 4 winters which is good considering all the salt they have been using on the streets the past few years.

I also have one more thing to pick up to add to my SS gift and then it will be ready to pack and ship. I found some really cute things this year.

Left-overs for dinner tonight, although I haven't decided whether it will be Chicken Veggie Soup or Beef stew both of which I have in the fridge.

The kitties are good this morning, Sassy is napping and the other two are stalking each other around the house..

Everyone have a great day
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Good afternoon Everyone! Where did our Fall like weather go? It's in the upper eighties here!. Not a lot going on here, I've got a meeting tonight but that's about it.
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