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Tossing The Idea Around

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Okay,as you know my cat has been missing since July.I haven't given up hope and was even talking to the shelter last week.Still no sign,but it would be nice if he showed up.

Anyway I do not and could never replace Hatchet.

However I kinda miss a cat around the house,plus now that the kitty is gone...the mice are back and have completely destroyed my pantry shelves...grrr! When Hatchet was around,the mice were not.

Also my daughter really wants another cat.
I just found one that needs a home.He is deaf and already fixed and a housecat.I have seen pictures and will be meeting (JUST meeting) him on the weekend.His name is Snowball.

Me and my ex used to have a deaf cat,so I know how to deal with them and would love to take this one in.


I don't want to look like I am replacing Hatchet - cause I am not.And what if Hatchet showed up out of the blue???

And last,I am not even sure if I should take another cat in.I mean,I have everything I need and funds in a savings account for emergencies,but I am afraid of somehow losing another cat and thats painful to me.I still miss Hatchet dearly...but this other kitty needs a home.What do I do?
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Well 4 years ago when Sheba was killed I still had 3 other cats. But she was my special cat. The others didn't fill that space like she did. So 6 weeks later I got Bakker. He filled that space. He is not a substitute as Sheba could never be "replaced".

Snowball needs a home like Bakker did, if/when Hatchet comes back you can deal with both of them at that time.
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I would get the cat.

You're not replacing Hatchet. If Hatchet comes back, you've gotten her a friend.

And hopefully the new cat can mouse your cabinets for you.
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I agree. Get Snowball. If/when Hatchet comes back, they'll(hopefully) be friends.
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I would take Snowball in. When Tigger died in Sept. 07, Rob didn't want to replace her. I said that we would never be replacing her, and we got Katina & Monte a few weeks later.

After Monte was killed in June, we were both devastated. 2 cats gone in less than a year. We waited a little longer because Rob wasn't ready to get another cat (we both wanted at least two in our house). We got Nero in August, almost 2 months after Monte died. We weren't replacing him either, because all of our babies are irreplaceable. We just opened our hearts to another cat in need who could ease the pain.
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Well I am going to meet Snowball this Saturday! So I will keep you updated.

My mom basically said the same thing...she said when I told her,she didn't think of it as I was replacing Hatchet,she thought "oh,this other cat needs a home too".If she didn't have two cats,she would take him in.

So I decided I will probably take him.
He needs a home and sadly alot of people pass up deaf cats.
So I will keep you updated!
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I hope things go well!
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I know how you feel. I miss Duke on a daily basis and no cat could possibly replace him. I am constantly tossing the idea around about getting a new freind for Sibohan but since i am living with my parents and Kyra (our dog) isn't much of a cat lover I am thinking again. I know Sibohan is lonely because she caterwhals for at least an hour every day wondering around the house as if to find Duke. I try to spend extra time with her when she gets in these moods.

Now as for Snowball, like I say no cat can replace the cat you had, that's a given. But you can make the life of a little disabled cat more enjoyable. Since you have previous experiance witha deaf cat you cam make his life rich. Being deaf I would think making him an indoor cat would be the best thing and that way you can't be worried about loosing him. And i'm sure if your other cat comes back, with the help of the people here you would be able to intigrate them both into a nice friendly 2 cat household. *GOOD LUCK*
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there is more then enough love and caring in most of us.
to get a new cat.your not replaceing one cat with another, as each cat is different.
good luck
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Bless you for caring for a deaf and needy cat. All of us here have lost a special cat one way or the other - mine was my first Siamese and I still miss her. I've never "replaced" her but I have had other very special kitties in my life. Our special boy Simba died about 5 years ago and I grieved terribly but after 6 weeks without a cat in our house I needed a kitty fix so along came Bijou. Bijou is very special in many ways and is loved deeply by all of us. When the day comes that he has to leave us, it is going to be so very, very sad but until then we will be together in love. And, I know that I will give another cat a wonderful home after Bijou has left us. My house is not a home without a cat. I also said I would only ever have one at a time, but since Mika has joined our household through our daughter moving back home, I can honestly say that having two is double the joy but not double the cost or work.
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I would get the cat. I know mothing can replace your other cat but that doesnt meen you can't love another cat just as much.
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Thanks guys.
I am actually leaving to go see Snowball now in a few minutes!

I think I am going to go for it.
He needs a home before the 31st and nobody else is interested! And I have been thinking alot about it and yeah,I think I am gonna go for it.
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i'm so pleased you are going to have snowball.

i lost my precious boy last october and no one will ever replace him in my heart. but i had to put my feelings aside as little milo (then 8 months) was missing his buddy alot. so a month later we adopted shinobi. he certainly changed milo's life for the better and he is the sweetest little soul.

no cat can replace another but you can love and care for a cat who needs you.

can't wait to see the photos of snowball!
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Hope everything goes well for you when you meet your new addition

And also sending looooaaaaadddss of vibes for you precious one to return home

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Well JUST got back.
The visit went well and I really like Snowball.
I am going to take him home next weekend!! So I have a little bit of time to prepare.I cannot wait though!

He is a sweetie! Very affectionate and friendly and he's a big cat.Already fixed and he has such a soft coat.Shedding alot right now though.And his eyes - I LOVE them!! One is blue and the other is green with blue flecks.

He's very handsome and I am excited to be taking him home.He doesn't even try to get outside,but likes watching the birds and leaves.But I am glad he doesn't try to get out (that is how Hatchet got out,by squeezing past me one night).And apparently he is generally calm and good and doesn't really get on tables and counters either.He does have the "crazies" sometimes tho,but what cat doesn't?

You guys are right.
While I do still miss Hatchet terribly,this cat needs a home too.He's only 2 yrs old and needed a home before the 31st otherwise he would of been euthanized.What a sin.Nobody else inquired about him.

So I am happy to say that Snowball is mine!!!
I do not yet have pictures of guys will have to be patient!
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That is great, you saved a life Looking forward to the pics of Snowball
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I am really excited about it and promise there will be pics as soon as I can get some up.
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if Hatchet does come back home - is there any reason you can't have 2 cats? just do the slow intro & things should work out. mine have done just fine w/additions.
i think you should get Snowball - sounds like you need some feline attention to help you heal from your loss

ETA: should've read the whole thread before posting! congrats on your new furbaby!
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You can't "replace" a cat, any more than you could replace a child. I say every cat leaves a hole in our heart exactly the same size and shape as the cat, and no other cat could ever fill that hole. However, another cat can help fill it, and make it less painful.
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Laureen - Thats okay! But yeah,if Hatchet does show up...I will obviously keep him and do intros slowly.
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i'm so happy your meeting went well. can't wait to see pics of snowball settling into his new home!
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Sooo...I am spose to bring him tommorrow...however I dunno what is going on with that.They never replied to my messeges I dunno what's happening now.
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Wow, how great!! I hope all goes well tomorrow!
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Never got the cat after!
There was some communication errors and then finally when we got back in touch,I had one day to pick the cat up.I messeged her and she said I had to go get him NOW.I tried...but I couldn't,due to not having a babysitter and a few other issues.

Needless to say...the cat was euthanized.
I feel horrible,but it is not my fault.When I first messeged her to let her know I would pick the cat up,she didn't get back to me...leaving me to wonder.But I do feel bad.I was also so excited to adopt the cat.

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