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Pet Insurance?

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Do you have it? If so what kind of coverage do you have? DH and I have been looking into it I found some that I am interested in through ASPCA as well as through pet smart and Allstate(we have our house and cars insured through them) I am not sure exactly what I should look for. Here are my furbabies breeds/ages.
Lilly Collie mix 8/17/2000 8 years 2 months 2 weeks and 5 days
Max Shih-Tzu 10/23/2005 2 years 11 months 2 weeks and 1 day
Bailey Shih-Tzu 8/1/2008 2 months 3 weeks
Tigger domestic short hair 3 years 5 months 2 weeks and 3 days

Im looking for a full coverage plan for each of them. One that covers All incidents/accidents spay for Bailey, vaccinations, all illnesses, accidental death, everything. I do not care how much it is, This is something I want for them. I was just curious as to what people thought who currently had it and if you though it was worth it.
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I don't have it, but I wish I did.

I remember looking into it many years ago, when it was still relatively new I believe. I remember there were a whole bunch of "except" clauses. And I believe at that time the policy became null and void when the pet turned 10 years old, or had any pre-existing conditions. And I believe there was a maximum age limit that you had to enroll them by.

It didn't sound all that good to me when I was reading about it, so I never bothered.

I don't know anyone who has pet insurance, so I can't say if it's changed or not. However, I do recall reading a thread somewhere on this site about someone who had a pet and had some kind of insurance, and the pet got sick, the company paid for the bills, but the pet died in the end and the person had to pay all of the money back to the company. I forget all of the details, and unfortunately I can't find the thread.
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this is my take on it: you'll do just as well [perhaps better!] to take the premium amounts & put that $$$ in an interest-bearing savings account. then, when something happens where you need extra cash, you can take it out - & get 100% coverage.
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You have to read the fine print very carefully. Many of the policies have more exceptions than coverage, and standard plans do not cover vaccinations and spay/neuter. If you find something that looks really good, try to find someone who has used that insurance to ask them how well it worked. I've read reports that at least one company who claimed to give full coverage found reasons for not paying almost any time a claim was made. Sorry, I don't remember which one. I researched a number of different ones when I was looking.

At the time I had only two cats and decided that the premiums were more than the insurance was worth. I now have six--acquired a stray who gave me three more fuzzballs. The amount I've spent on vet bills so far is considerably less than insurance premiums would have been.
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I could get the insurance at a discount from work, but it's not worth it. At the time I looked into it Bickford was just about at the age limit and Bob had already been diagnosed with asthma. I would have to pay for everything up front anyway and then hope that they would approve a reimbursement. It just wasn't worth it.
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Insurance rarely pays back what you put in. Insurance reps are paid to upsell, deny coverage, and prolong cancellation time... And because you enrolled it's all legal. Once you sign the line, whether by pen, internet, or voice, you're locked in and it's VERY difficult to claim or cancel, even after you're loved one has passed.

Don't let the vets or shelters fool you by saying you NEED it. Many receive referral commissions by these companies. It can be so easy to talk a pet loving person into 'caring' for you precious one by paying a 'low' monthly sum. Watch out for so called 'free' programs as well. They get you to sign up and then you can't cancel. Same story.

Insurance is all about money. Bottom line. They could care less about your cat.

You can always invest in:

- Good quality food
- Grooming and playtime
- Regular visits to the vet
- Required shots
- A safe home for your companion

That's all that's required.

...and lotsa cuddles and petting!
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