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Mufasa's rescue pics

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I just thought I'd post some pics of my 'lion', lol. I call him my little lion cause he reminds me of Mufasa from the Lion King (hence his name)
Here's a pic of the week when we first took him in

(Thats after two baths, a brushing, and a nice shave to get the mats out)
A month later.. he put on 4lbs and his hair was starting to grow back

This is after his neuter and foot surgery (they had to remove a bunch of dead and infected tissue on the pad of his foot)

And this is him now, about 5 months later at 20lbs and in perfect condition. And no, he's not an outdoor cat, he just likes to follow me around the yard every once in a while to get a change in scenery.

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That is one good looking cat. I love that.
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Oh, he's beautiful!! It warms my heart to see what you did for him and are giving him a wonderful life. God bless.
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What a difference
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Such a handsome guy
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That is quite the transformation! He's beautiful.
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What a good-looking cat...In fact, my oohhs and aaahhs at the latest pics brought JC up to my desk, doing his best to get my attention, the little jelly bean
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Wow, he's gorgeous! I can't believe he's 20lbs - he definitely doesn't look fat at all. He weighs more than 2 of any of my kitties combined
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Wow he's gorgeous! Very handsome kitty
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He looks sooo happy and loved! Definitely a king!
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He is a big boy. The vet said that he's the perfect weight right now. He also thinks that their might be some Maine Coon in him and thats why he's so big.
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aww great looking cat.
looks like you have done a very good job taking care of him
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