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URGENT: How long between kittens?

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I mentioned this is in the thread about Felicia having her kittens, but I think she still has at least one more kitten inside her (12 hours later now after the last one was delivered).

I read somewhere on here that it can be awhile between sets of kittens if they were impregnated at different times but for the life of me I couldn't find the thread.

How long could it be between births if she does have two sets of kittens? I called the vet but he wasn't very helpful and I don't want to take her in unless I have to.

After the last kitten she's been settled most of the day, she's not in heavy labor and she's eating a lot.
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Coco did that but the 2 born over 12 hours later were dead.
She was normal after having the first 3 and had no signs of labor then she pushed once or twice and the first dead came then not even a minute later another dead one.
The first dead had a broken leg and it had a deformed paw.
Coco was fine.
My Brothers cat did that and there was a dead kitten in her.
She got a infection and almost died.
The litter before that was not right either.
She had 2 two days later and they both died.
Then last time another one a day later and it died and the dead was in her.
She is fixed now.
I would get a xray just in case like I did with Meeko.
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Another question. I just want to be sure she's producing milk. We don't have a food scale so we don't know if the kittens are gaining weight at all.
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Are the kittens nursing? Is momma acting ok? I know several breeders that have had cats that went 24 hours before delivering the last of their litter and the kittens can live thru it. There are many reasons for dystocia though. If the momma looks like she is any distress, becomes lethargic, refuses to care for her kittens, runs a high fever or is bleeding heavily red blood, has any smelly discharge---she would need to see the Vet URGENTLY... Keep a close eye on her.
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Yes, the kittens are nursing and she doesn't seem to be in any stress. Just begging for attention from us. Thanks!
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I got some of the best advice by posting on this forum regarding my foster cat having her babies. She was impregnated twice and had a long stretch between kittens. You're definitely in the right place for this help.

I don't know the answer, but I can reflect on my experience. My queen had 4 kittens within the first 2 hours. She had one about 3 hours later, and the last two didn't come until 14 hours after the first birth. And they weren't just different litters, the first and last kittens were both the white pointed kittens so they were the same poppa. FYI all seven lived.

Also, one thing that might help you, as your kittens grow daily, you can get a rough guage of whether they're eating or not by holding them up and looking at their belly. there should be no wrinkles, or flaps. it should be kind of taught. But I don't think there's anything even close to as good as a scale. You can get them cheap!

the wrinkle and tight tummy answer was another piece of advice i got here, and it really helped me relax as it went through the days.
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That's where I must have saw it, in the thread from your kittens (I read that thing like 3 times because it was so helpful in what to expect).

That's some relief, because she's starting to get restless again and keeps coming and scratching at the bedroom door when we're outside. It's like she wants us to stay with her. She's also getting vocal again like she did before she had the first four. She doesn't seem to be having contractions though, and I still can't be sure there is a kitten in there. It feels like it but since the rest are out, it's not pushed up against the stomach as hard so I can't tell like I could with the others. It feels like bubbles popping against her abdomen, and I thought for the last few weeks that it was the kittens kicking, but now I don't know if it is or if it's just her stomach or something.
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Just so you kno, you can get a cheap food scale at Walmart for about 7-8 dollars. When i brought Monster home i went out and bought one cuz i wanted to make sure he was gaining weight. i paid $7.41 for a small food scale.
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Update: Felicia's belly has flattened out and now I don't feel anything that concerns me. But she did use the Litter Robot for the second time since she gave birth, and that's what seems to have settled everything back down, so maybe it was constipation like someone else had said.

Also, I got a food scale but it doesn't measure very accurately...I can only read it between 5-10 ounces. But I suppose every few days I should see movement at least.

Thanks for the responses!
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